A Life Of Injuries

Everyone at some point in their life has an injury that they have to deal with.    Unfortunately many people have more than just one or two injuries, some of us end up with a life of injuries.   Sadly I am one of those people. Some people call it bad luck, injury prone, or just … Read more

My true lesbian story Cory

My True Lesbian Story

This post is something that I have always dreamed that someday I would be able to write to be able to tell my story. Finally, here it is, my true lesbian story.   This one has been a long time in the making. LOL! Growing up a Tomboy, in the 1970s, I was lucky enough to … Read more


Tomboy Hairstyles

Whether you prefer long hair or short hair, a good haircut is a good haircut.    When looking for a new style or haircut, does it matter if you are a tomboy or not?   Are there certain tomboy hairstyles? Styling your hair, is always a personal choice.   No matter how you define yourself, … Read more

Point break t-shirt redbubble review screenshot

Redbubble Reviews

Have you ever heard of Redbubble?  When it comes to Redbubble reviews, you will find mine full of everything  that you need to know about this very cool platform. Whether you are a customer looking to do some online shopping, or an artist looking for a way to get your designs out there and make … Read more


80s Music Girl

I am a die hard 80s music girl.  There is just something about that era of music, that I completely connect with .  I found that the 80s music had such a unique sound to it.   Growing up a full fledged 80s kid, everything that we did was surrounded by music.  Hanging out in … Read more

Charlie's Angels original cast

Charlie’s Angels Original Cast

If you grew up in the late 70s, and you were a little girl, you probably watched the TV show Charlie’s Angels.  This show was one of the first all female action shows that we had every seen.   Every little girl wanted to be one of these beautiful ladies.  Through the 5-year run of … Read more

Girl Gamers

Do Girls Play Video Games

Video games has always been something that boys like to play.  Especially when I grew up in the 80s.  There weren’t many girls that played video games back then.  But me of course being such a tomboy that didn’t apply to me.  I was always hanging with my brother and his friends, who loved to … Read more