Volt Heat Clothing | Keeping Warm

Innovation and technology have given us amazing clothing products that are made specifically to help keep us warm. Today I wanted to talk about a spectacular company that is doing just that.  Volt Heat is a company that offers everything you could need in heated clothing, gear, and accessories for cold weather.     When … Read more


What Is The Meaning Of Labels

Have you ever described someone in just one word or phrase?   I have often wondered why people find it so easy to describe someone that way.  What is the meaning of labels anyway?  Why do we feel it necessary to take one word or phrase to describe someone’s entire being that way?  Is that … Read more

why is flannel so warm - Mens Flannel Pants

Why Is Flannel So Warm

If you live in a cold climate like I do, then you definitely are familiar with flannel as a fabric.  But have you ever asked yourself the question why is flannel so warm?  It is just fabric, but yet it is so much warmer then say many other fabrics. I absolutely love flannel!   Whether … Read more


Scratch And Sniff Stickers Of The 80s

Any kid that grew up when I did, will quickly remember the popularity of the scratch and sniff stickers of the 80s.   They were the BOMB!!   Often referred to as the “Smelly Stickers”, they were the craze for all kids of this era.   There wasn’t a kid in class that didn’t have a scratch … Read more


Favourite Writers All Time | My Most Memorable

When it comes to books and reading when I was growing up, it was something that I did almost everyday.  I fell in love with reading when I was younger.  Some of my favourite writers all time wrote some of the most memorable books I can remember. I would start a book and before you … Read more