Holiday Time And Family | My Memories

I often think about holiday time and family, especially back when I was a kid.   We all know that as we get older, the holidays are a completely different experience.   When you’re a kid the only thing that matters is fun, gifts and spending it with your cousins and extended family.     Youth has … Read more

are records coming back - records

Are Records Coming Back

Are records coming back in style?   Music, fans that grew up before the mid to late 80s are all too familiar with the vinyl record.   For those of you that grew up after that, you may not realize that playing music at home on records was pretty much the only way we had … Read more

myths about being a lesbian - pride

7 Myths About Being A Lesbian

I have always found it fascinating to hear some myths about being a Lesbian that are out there.   They are outrageous and crazy, yet many people believe they are actually true.   Being that I am a Lesbian in the LGBTQ community, I wanted to dispel some of these ridiculous myths that have surrounded us in … Read more

consumers distributing canada - cataloques

Consumers Distributing Canada

Do you ever remember the store called Consumers Distributing Canada?  OMG I sure do!   I can still remember the joy I would feel every time it would be getting close to Christmas and I would wait for their catalogue to come in the mail.   The anticipation was exciting!     Once the catalogue would … Read more