Classic 80s Fashion

Classic 80s fashion is one of the greatest things about the 80s era.   The styles were unlike any decade we had seen before.   If you grew up in the 80s, this isn’t going to be news to you.   Anyone that didn’t grow up than, will find this post a bit crazy.   When you actually sit … Read more

past Lesbian tv show characters - queer is here

Past Lesbian TV Show Characters

All we have to do is look back in TV history to see that there were very few past Lesbian TV show characters on TV.   It has only been the past decade or less that this seems to finally be changing. I remember growing up watching TV and while questioning my own identity I looked … Read more


11 Funny Things From The 80s

The 80s decades was such a unique and crazy time to be a kid.   There were some pretty funny things from the 80s, that people today would find very strange.   At the time though we thought that decade was the best ever.   We thought we had everything we needed.   Truly the funny part about … Read more


What Is Behind The Rainbow Flag Color Meanings

No matter where you live in the world, almost everybody knows that the LGBTQ community is represented by the rainbow-colored flag.   The “pride flag” as we call it.   Have you ever wondered what is behind the rainbow flag color meanings?   Does each color actually represent something unique?     In this post, I am going … Read more