80s Video Stores

You can’t think or talk about the 80s without talking about 80s video stores.   They were all the rage back then. Long before we had digital copies, iTunes, Netflix and so much more, we physically had to go to the video store to RENT movies.     If you grew up in this era, you … Read more


Coping Being Gay In Everyday Life

Coping being gay in everyday life, is something that is a challenge that never goes away.  Just when you think that you are just like everyone else, the “GAY RUG” is once again pulled out from beneath you.  Far to often it is when you least expect it to come up.   Other times, it … Read more


Classic 80s Fashion Part 2

As promised, I am continuing my post with the Classic 80s Fashion Part 2.   We talked a lot in the last post about what some main fashions were from the 80s.   I wanted to expand on that and touch base on some specific looks that rocked the 80s and some amazing classic fashion statements that … Read more