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Hi everyone and welcome to my A Boyish Girl website.  Through my entire life, I have always been a little different than all the other girls.  For me that meant being labeled a Tomboy from as far back as I can remember.

little cory

My goal with my website is to tell my story of this journey through almost 50 years.  In telling my personal journey, I want to help make sure that any girl like me has access to all the great things that we as boyish girls need to be our true authentic self.

Throughout my story, I have learned much about being a Tomboy.  Now is my chance to give back to those like me that don’t know where to turn when it comes to clothes, accessories, stories and tip or tricks that will help you be your own true self.

I will also share tons about the fact that I grew up in the 80s, so there will be some 80s nostalgia included for a fun trip back in time.

A little bit about me

Growing up in Saskatchewan Canada, I am the middle child in my family born in the 1970’s.  I have one older sister and one younger brother.  Being the middle child as everyone knows, has some challenges.  You aren’t the first and you aren’t the baby.

Whether it’s fighting to be noticed, or stand out, I quickly realized that I wasn’t the same girl as my sister.  Yes I played with Barbies and dolls, but I also loved to play with the boy’s.  I absolutely love hockey and sports in general. The older I got, the more I spent playing road hockey with the boy’s than playing dolls in the house.

me and my sister

Playing outside with boy’s, I of course dressed a lot more rugged and boyish.  Looking back, I did that from the very beginning.  Yes growing up there are pictures of me in a dress and looking like a total girly girl.  That being said, it was always a struggle for my mom to get me into those clothes.  Sometimes it was something I didn’t fight and other times like my Kindergarten picture where I am wearing GWG jeans and a boy’s snap button up.  My bowl cut boy’s haircut, was also something I begged my mom for.  Finally she let me do what I wanted.

I wish back than, I would have seen some other girl like me.  I felt that internal struggle of why I didn’t want to be like my sister and instead wanted to be more like my brother.

This struggle certainly made every personal fashion decision, accessories, haircuts and more that much more confusing for me.

Times have changed

It is no longer the 1970s and we now have something called the internet.  Having access to pictures, ideas and even a story that completely resonates with you is at your finger tip.

Being a Tomboy nowadays is not the same as it was back than.  All you need to do now is type in your topic or question and boom you have choices or answers galore.

We can look and see what other girls like us are doing, wearing and talking about.  It is like having access to your people if you will, a real community.  We know longer need to hide who we really are simply because we look or dress a little different than the next girl.

cory about me

Lead by example

There is no point learning things in life, if you aren’t planning on sharing them.  My journey of being a boyish girl needs to be shared, so that all those girls like me, don’t feel like they are less than.  A want them to realize that being different, is a gift, not a burden.

I want my example of being my true self to be inspirational and helpful.  There is no one out there better than me that knows what style, ideas, products and tips can really help any girl that is just like me.  A Boyish Girl.

So have a look around my site and if you have anything you want to share about your journey, I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to truly being yourself,


Founder of A Boyish Girl


2 thoughts on “About Cory”

  1. Hi Coralie
    I love your story and find it very interesting.

    Haven’t seen or spoke to to you for so long. How are you doing??? Happy and Healthy I hope in this covid-19 world that we are in right now.

    God Bless you. Hugs!
    Norman and Darlene Poulin

    • Hello,

      It makes me so happy to hear that you read my post. Sharing my story, sure has been fun. I enjoyed getting a chance to look back at all the memories and things that I have been through.

      Hearing from you in these tough times that we are in, sure is nice. I am doing well and staying healthy. Glad that you guys are also hanging in there. Thanks again for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

      Take care you two!


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