Where To Buy Duck Boots | Why You Need Them

https://fxo.co/9enEWhere to buy duck boots!    When it comes to choosing a boot that will keep your feet dry and warm there is no better option then duck boots.    But where is a good place to shop for them and what is it about duck boots that people love so much? If you have ever seen … Read more


Ole Henriksen Skin Care Products

Have you ever heard of Ole Henriksen skin care products?   Well if you haven’t, today is the day that you will be thanking me.   With Ole Henriksen skin care, your skin will never look better and more naturally beautiful.     You may wonder what a lesbian who describes themselves as a tomboy knows … Read more


Best Old Cartoons

Every kid watches or has watched cartoons at some point in their childhood.   They are just a TV staple of entertainment for all kids.   When I was growing up, we had far fewer channels and way less options.   Funny enough though, we still had some of the best old cartoons around. It didn’t matter that … Read more


Cool Army Pants | A Must Have

Whether you are just looking for a comfortable pair of pants, or a step back into the 1980s when Camo and army pants first became a fashion statement.  Cool army pants are the best.   I remember back when I was a young teenager and army gear was a new line of clothing that was popular … Read more


Why Are Crocs Popular | Are They Cool Though

When it comes to people and Crocs, they have a love hate relationship with them.   Some people believe they are awesome because they are comfortable and easy to wear, but many others feel they are super uncool.    So if that’s the consensus, than why are Crocs popular? Fashion is always been something that is … Read more


Is Camping Fun

Have you ever packed up your car or truck and headed out camping for the weekend?   Well if you have, then you are not alone.   Camping is one of those amazing summer adventures that people can’t wait to go out and do as soon as the warm weather hits.   With so many people taken on … Read more


Wentworth TV Show Cast | Top Show Of The Decade

Have you ever heard of the TV show Wentworth before?   If you haven’t, then today is your lucky day.   I am going to talk about the Wentworth TV show cast and everything about this spectacular show.   In my mind this TV show is the best show on TV for the past decade.   Once I … Read more


Swiss Army Gear | Amazing Stuff

Everyone has heard of Swiss Army gear or the company called Victorinox.   They are famous for making the absolute best pocket knives on the market.   Do you know that they make far more than just knives though?  YUP they sure do.   Things like household goods, watches, travel gear and more. Before I talk … Read more


One Handy Girl | Girl Power

I grew up, the middle child between my older sister and younger brother.   Being the middle child, was a tough place to be. My sister is a girlie girl and my brother obviously a boy, that left me somewhere in between.  I was a Tomboy, that loved to get my hands dirty.  Any time … Read more


How I Love The Cranberries

If you know me, then you know how I love the Cranberries.   They are my absolute favourite band of all time.   There is just something about them that I have always been drawn to.   Since the very first time I heard them, I was a huge fan. My love of the Cranberries goes all the … Read more