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Are Vans Shoes Comfortable

Shoes are one of the most important things that we wear everyday.  They protect our feet and the rest of the body. The key to longevity in a shoe is the quality and of course the comfort. Anyone that hasn’t lived under a rock has heard of Van shoes.  A very cool and stylish rubber … Read more

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Are Plaid Shirts In Style

Why is plaid so popular? Since the 90s, plaid shirts have been a mainstay when it comes to casual dress wear for men and women.  Many of us still wear it, but are plaid shirts in style all these years later.  What is it that makes everyone continue to buy plaid? We all know that … Read more

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Retro Candy Online | Oh My Youth

When we think back to being a little kid, we often think of all the awesome candy that we used to love.  Our memories of walking to the store with our $1 or 2, hoping we could get a bag full of all your favourites.  Well did you know that you can now buy that … Read more

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Cagney And Lacey TV Show | Female Cop Duo

Do you know who Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless are?  Well if you have never heard of either of these ladies, you must have spent the 80s living under rock.  Or the other thing could be, that you just don’t recognize their real names. OK, so I will tell you who they are.  They played … Read more

Best beer club

Best Beer Club

I started this website to share all the things about my own life from start to finish.  That story can not continue one minute more without sharing one of my absolute favourite things BEER!  Anyone that knows me at all, knows how much I love beer.  With the current situation we are in, many people … Read more

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Life Is Good Clothing

I have been so excited about writing this post.  Why you ask?  Well to start with, I absolutely love Life is Good clothing. If you opened up my closet right now, you would find a ton of their stuff there.  I mean a ton! I have long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, pj pants, shorts … Read more

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Advantages Playing Sports | What Are They

Did you grow up playing sports?  Is there advantages playing sports and being part of a team? There is a ton of proof that states that playing sports at any age has many positive benefits. No it isn’t just for girls and boys to play, it can be important to any age. What is about … Read more


Jeep Wrangler Girls | Love My Jeep

While you are out driving around, have you ever looked at a Jeep Wrangler when it drives by you.  If you have, then you may have noticed that the majority of them seem to be driven by women.  Why are there so many Jeep Wrangler girls? What is it about Jeeps that attract a women … Read more

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Best Keen Shoes | Love Them

Shoes we wear are one of the important types of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for protecting our body.  What? Protect our body……..FROM WHAT!  Here is my post about the best keen shoes to buy and why they are the best. Just think about feet as our most critical part of our body.  The feet are … Read more

women Lineman

Women Lineman | All Guts!

The year is 2020 and when it comes to talking about women in non-traditional roles, I wish I could say that this is a regular occurrence, but it still really isn’t.  We are still nowhere near where we need to be on the % of women that make their living doing jobs that typically are … Read more