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Advantages Playing Sports | What Are They

Did you grow up playing sports?  Is there advantages playing sports and being part of a team? There is a ton of proof that states that playing sports at any age has many positive benefits. No it isn’t just for girls and boys to play, it can be important to any age. What is about … Read more


Jeep Wrangler Girls | Love My Jeep

While you are out driving around, have you ever looked at a Jeep Wrangler when it drives by you.  If you have, then you may have noticed that the majority of them seem to be driven by women.  Why are there so many Jeep Wrangler girls? What is it about Jeeps that attract a women … Read more

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Best Keen Shoes | Love Them

Shoes we wear are one of the important types of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for protecting our body.  What? Protect our body……..FROM WHAT!  Here is my post about the best keen shoes to buy and why they are the best. Just think about feet as our most critical part of our body.  The feet are … Read more

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Women Lineman | All Guts!

The year is 2020 and when it comes to talking about women in non-traditional roles, I wish I could say that this is a regular occurrence, but it still really isn’t.  We are still nowhere near where we need to be on the % of women that make their living doing jobs that typically are … Read more

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Retro Tee Shirts | So Cool And Nostalgic

Oh the 80s…..such a wonderful decade.  Anyone that grew up in the 80s has a special place in their heart for it. I don’t know if it is just because that was our era growing up, or that it was such a cool time.  The bottom line is there are so many great things about … Read more

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Are Tomboys Gay | Is This A Bad Stereotype

A Tomboy as we discussed in my last post, is a girl that has boyish characteristics.  Sometimes that can be physical appearance and other times it can be their style of play.  A girl that prefers to do boy activities and hang with boys more than girl’s is another way that they may be perceived … Read more

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What Is A Tomboy | Should We Use That Term

Let’s first start by saying that the word Tomboy has been around for a long time.  We have all heard someone call a girl a Tomboy on more then one occasion.  But why is that? First we need to understand the term Tomboy.  What is a Tomboy by definition? The Dictionary describes a Tomboy as: “an … Read more

About Cory

Hi everyone and welcome to my A Boyish Girl website.  Through my entire life, I have always been a little different than all the other girls.  For me that meant being labeled a Tomboy from as far back as I can remember. My goal with my website is to tell my story of this journey … Read more