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Through every stage of my life there has been one item that I have never been without….. A BACKPACK!   It just seems like no matter where or what I am doing, there seems to be a need to have a good one.  When it comes to buying a new pack, what are the best backpacking companies to consider?

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No matter what kind of pack you need, it is always great to have choices. Just because it is just a backpack, doesn’t mean you don’t need to do some serious shopping to get the right back to fit your needs.

In this post, we are going to show 3 great companies that are dedicated to designing a pack for every occasion.

Why a pack

A backpack is called many things to different people. Some call it a rucksack, knapsack, book bag, or just a pack.   Basically a backpack is a cloth bag that we used to carry stuff in.  It has 2 straps that we hook over our shoulders to carry on our back.

Backpacks are used by students, workers, hikers and anyone travels. The reason they are the preferred choice instead of say a duffle bag is that those bags you need to carry with your hands.  It is really hard to carry very much weight this way.  Using a backpack is strictly easier as it is all about weight distribution.  Carrying something that you can space the weight out evenly over your back is a much easier way to carry a heavier weight.

We all remember when we had to carry those school books around all the time.  Books are darn heavy.  Putting them in your backpack was a far easier way to maneuver that weight around.

Did you know that the word “backpack” goes back to the early 1900s in the United States.  Before, this type of bag was called a moneybag or pack sack.  The word “knapsack” was also a word for a backpack, but this is mainly in Canada.  Still, today us Canadians call a backpack a knapsack.

I find it funny that there are so many names for a pack with straps.  Let’s look at a few amazing companies continuing to shine when it comes to backpacks or whatever name you call them.  LOL!

Herschel Supply Co.

The first company I want to share with you, I have a personal connection to.  The company is called “Herschel Supply Co.”.  Founded only 11 years ago in 2009 by 2 brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack.  With 3 generations of family history from a small town in Herschel, Saskatchewan, Canada, the name was born.  When I say small town, I mean like 30 people small.

I am sure you are still wondering where my personal connection comes in.  Well…. I am also from Saskatchewan. Just a little prairie province girl myself.

Although the name comes from Saskatchewan, Herschel Supply Co. is a company that is actually based out of Vancouver, BC. Canada. They have one store located in Gastown, Vancouver, BC.  With just one store location, they provide worldwide shopping and shipping from their online website.

The company is committed to creating products that are timeless and with designs that are full of amazing detail.   A real mix of nostalgia and yet very modern looking.  Every detail of their bags is created to provide all the space needed for everyday life.

They have bags for men, women and kids.  Ranging from larger bags, all the way to a standard smaller bad for the lighter loads.


If you simply need a pack for everyday used to go to school, work or otherwise, Herschel makes an excellent pack called the “Classic Backpack XL”.

This pack has:

  • extra storage,
  • “15 inch” laptop sleeve
  • Front pocket with key clip
  • Dual water bottle pockets
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • Top grab handle

best backpacking companies - Herschel XLHerschel Classic XL Pack



My favourite pack, of which I own, is the “Little America” pack.   This pack is great for short trips that require more room for our essentials.  Herschel likes to call this their mountaineer pack, but I use it often for trips.   It can be either as an add-on to full luggage as your carry-on, or as your entire bag for a weekend trip.  You can pack this bag full.

Equipped with:

  • “15 inch” laptop sleeve
  • Adjustable drawstring closer top
  • Magnetic strap closure
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • 40-50 different color choices
  • Front pocket with enclosed zipper
  • Top grab handle

The magnetic strap closures truly are the coolest idea in a pack.  It makes it so simple to close simply by touching the strap and pack together, the magnet grabs.  One of my absolute favourite parts to this pack.

Best backpacking companies - Herschel Little AmericaHerschel Little America pack

The fabulous thing about Herschel Supply Co. is that they literally make hundreds of packs in many design styles. They have small, medium and large sizes.  These are just 2 of my favourite designs, but you truly will find whatever pack size and style you are looking for by visiting their website.

Herschel backpack

Mountain HardWear

My next company is Mountain HardWear.  Founded in 1993 by outdoor enthusiasts that saw quality and the technical aspects of a good pack, go by the way side.  Dedicated to provide outdoor athletes with everything they need to enjoy the great outdoors.  They use the term athlete to describe people that seek out that outdoor adventure from rock climbing, to hiking and camping.  They provide gear for all of these great outdoor activities.

Their entire line of products, are built with the best quality, made from cutting edge technology and amazing designs. So whether you are heading to the lake or off on a much bigger adventure, Mountain HardWear gear has you covered.  They even offer a traditional “day pack” that can be used for everyday life.


Camp 4™ 21 Backpack – $130.00 CDN

The name of the pack as you can see has the size of the pack included in it.  This makes it easier to understand what size of pack you are looking for.  Touted as an everyday pack, this pack is built as a technology tool for hauling pretty much anything

Equipped with:

  • “15 inch” laptop sleeve
  • Full size zipper compartment
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Flat base bottom allows for the pack to have a stand-up design
  • Special carbon coating nylon for durability
  • Also available in packs sizes of 28 and 35

Best backpacking companies - Mountain wear gear


UL™ 20 Backpack- $90.00 CDN

This cool 20 inch pack is one of the more unique looking packs I have seen.  I have to say though, I really like it.  It has a very rounded look to it, that allows for that lightweight look and feel.  Unlike the 21-inch pack above, this is designed to protect your gear from all the weather elements.

Equipped with:

  • Recycled 200D rip stop nylon
  • Center strap that allows for secure closure
  • Adjustable side bottle pockets
  • Breathable mesh padded shoulder straps
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Front and rear grab handles
  • Quickdraw opening for the main compartment
best packing companies - mountain wear gear pack

These 2 packs are both durable and functional for almost anything you need.  Mountain Hardwear offers other lines of packs beside day packs, like Climbing and Mountaineering designs.  They are all designed for durability and longevity no matter your need.

Mountain hardwear cta


The longest running backpack companies of the 3, Jansport has been in business for over 50 years.  Founded in 1967 by 3 friends: Skip the outdoors man, Murray the engineer and Jan the seamstress.  All who were living in Washington.  Their beginning started when Murray won a design award for creating the first adjustable aluminum backpack frame.

After winning the award Murray decided to get adventurous and ask his girlfriend Jan to come up with a backpack for the frame.  He said if the design was successful, he would name the company after her.  Hence JANsport was born. LOL!

Such a fun beginning to this long-standing company.  Dedicated to living life in adventure and on the go.  All their backpacks are durable, versatile and very functional.

Huntington Backpack – $48.74 CDN

This 21 inch backpack is great for absolutely anything you need to haul around with you.  Touted as an “Instant Classic” in backpacks.

Equipped with :

  • Synthetic leather bottom
  • 2 main compartments
  • “15” inch laptop sleeve
  • S-curve straps for ergonomics
  • Fully padded back panel
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Zippered front mesh pocket
  • Top grab handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes in 4 different colors


Right Pack Backpack – $52.59 CDN

This pack really is Jansport classic backpack for all occasions.  Smaller than some other packs I have shared, but perfect for fitting together with your sense of style and fashion.  Yet still offering a great pack that can help you haul all your needed gear with you on your back.

Equipped with :

  • Premium Cordura fabric bottom
  • One large compartment
  • “15 inch” laptop sleeve
  • Padded straight cut straps
  • Front utility pocket with organizer
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Top grab handle
  • Comes in 12 different colors
  • Lifetime warranty


Like the other 2 companies Jansport has an extensive line of backpacks to choose from.  The two I have shared with you here, are 2 of their most popular backs.  They are a company that prides themselves on providing a solution to taking your gear with you no matter how much you have or where you need to go.

Jansport CTA

Backpack Roundup

Whether we are going to school, work or on a trip, we always need to take our stuff with us.  The easiest and most comfortable way to do that is by wearing a backpack.  Next time you are outside wandering around just check out how many people are carrying a backpack.  Just look at kids when we send them off to school, almost every single kid has a backpack.

Their are many companies out there that make backpacks, but not all packs are created equal.  These 3 in my opinion, are some top 3 best backpack companies in the US and Canada.

Backpacks are not something that you replace every year, so you want them to last.  The only way to ensure that happens, is by buying a quality pack from a great company that knows what they are doing.

Whether you need a pack for camping that has to stand up to the elements, or one that you take with you on a plane, it needs to be durable.  Backpacks really do taking a beating, so remember that the next time your in the market for a new pack.


This is the latest backpack that I bought a few years ago. I opted for the Herschel Suppy Co. Little America backpack. The different with my pack, is I bought it around the Winter Olympics and was lucky enough to by the fast selling special edition CANADA pack.  It really is the coolest pack around.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post.  I would love to hear your thoughts, so please put them below.

12 thoughts on “Best Backpacking Companies”

  1. Cory what a fantastic post. I don’t think that I have ever thought twice about a backpack purchase. But this is making me reconsider… it is going to be so heavily *pun intended* used, why not do some research and actually buy something that you like. 

    I’d never heard of Herschel but there products and website look fantastic. I saw a lot of bags and apparel that I’m interested in on there website. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!


    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you for such great comments on my post. It really is so cool when you can catch someone’s attention to something that they never really thought about that much. 

      Many of us carry backpacks, but never think of the purchasing and shopping that should go into getting a new bag. They are such an important need for us, that we need to really look what our options are. Like I said, we don’t buy them often. Good choice on liking the Herschel bags! Fabulous bags!

      Thanks again.


  2. I did enjoy your backpack review.  I have only had a Jansport, yes, I am a bit late to the backpack world.  However, I would like to try one, and a smaller one is what I think I want, to use as a purse, bookbag snack holder when travelling plus the items that don’t fit in the purse,  hairbrush, toothbrush stuff.  Now that I write all this, maybe I need to consider a much bigger one!

    However, I am a firm believer that I will travel with whatever I have room for and do alright.  Do you have a suggestion for a fiftyish lady who doesn’t know what she wants?  They all seem so versatile and practical.  You did a good job of making me see how practical they are. Thanks, Sami

    • Hi Sami,

      I am still laughing at your idea of a smaller bag and then as you start listing off what you need in it, it got bigger.  That is sort of like me, I think small, but realistically I prefer the bigger one.

      For yourself, I would say you really need to layout all that you would put in a bag and see how much stuff you have.  That way once you see the pile you can make an accurate assessment of what you need.

      I am almost 50 myself, and I love the.  You could go with the “Classic Backpack”, as it is not to big and not to small, plus the price point of $32 USD is very reasonable.  It will last a long time, so for that price you get a lot. 

      I hope that helps. Thank you so much for being a part of my post and sharing your opinion, I really appreciate it. Best of luck backpack shopping.


  3. Wow! Amazing article you have there.

    I am a lady and lady are known for carrying ladies bag but for me “backpack” is my thing! I like backpack because it is very comfortable and I just have to strap it to my back,simple! I kinda like the ” little America” it seems very comfortable and I can use it to pack alot stuffs for a journey!  I guess I will add it to my collections!. Thanks

    • Hello,

      I am with you on the ladies’ bags, they just aren’t for me.  The backpack is so much easier to carry around. Plus honestly, I am not much for the style of other bags, I totally prefer the backpack.

      The “Little America” bag is the absolute best bag, and boy can it fit stuff in it.  I have had that thing totally bagged and it isn’t even that heavy.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post.


  4. Hello dear, 

    Wow what wonderful content you have here, I was amazed with the quality content I saw on your post.

    I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post.  I will highly recommend these article to my wife, she has been looking for some nice backpack to purchased. 

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful content with us.

    • Hi there,

      Your comments are so wonderful to hear, so thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      Yes your wife should definitely take a look and see if she can find something that she likes here.  There sure is a wide range of choices for her to choose from.

      I would love to hear what she has to say.  Thanks again.


  5. Awesome review on best backpacking companies… trust me just as much as you love pack, I too do love it.. Packing helps your things be in a better position and also helps you keep things in a position you just want them to be.

    These pack bags can also serve as a good laptop bags, especially the CLASSIC BACKPACK XL…I really do love it’s size and shape.

    Thanks for the review

    • Hi Evans,

      It is so great to hear that there are fellow backpack lovers out there like myself.  Packing is such an art, that having the right bag can make or break how well that works out.

      The Classic Backpack XL, is a such a cute bag, not to big and not to small. More of an everyday bag, which is perfect.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts on my post, I really appreciate it.


  6. Hello there, 

    This is an amazing article that you have got here. I really appreaciate you kind gesture for making such a great information to come to our disposal. I can not thank you less. The whole article looks great. And I am so sure that I already like that one bag. They all look great but I feel attracted to that blue laptop bag that cost $135.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello,

      I appreciate you taking time to comment on my latest backpacking post.  Glad that you enjoyed reading the post. 

      The blue backpack is a great bag, and yes has lots of space for everything that you need.  I also prefer a bigger bag, as I hate worrying that I won’t have enough room.  If you are carrying a bag anyway, why not go bigger.  LOL!

      Thanks again



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