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Are you a girl that likes to wear a baseball hat?   What is the best girls baseball hats to wear and are they difference from boys hats.   Are they all the same?   Do only Tomboys wear baseball hats, or do all girls?

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The simple answer is NO! A girl that wears a typical male baseball, or “farmers hat” as I call them, does not look good.   Almost all male hats are not meant for women to be wearing.   They are designed strictly for men who have much larger heads then us girls.

The difference between the 2

You can easily tell when a girl is wearing a man’s hat, rather then one made for girls.   First off, boys or mens hat, are stiff, with a much higher front of the hat, that makes girls heads look funny.   I call the hat a farmers hat, simply because if you look back to older farmers, they tend to wear their hats very high up.   If you have ever seen a girl wearing a baseball hat, then you will notice we tend to wear them much lower, or tighter on our head.

We have a tendency to pull the hat all way down to rest on the top of our ears.   I call it tight and locked in.   Pretty much pulling the hat down as far as it will go.

The design of typical baseball hats as I said, are not made for girls to wear.   Almost every store that you walk into, there are hats everywhere to choose from.   The problem with 90% of all of these hats, is they are not made for girls. Because they are so stiff and inflexible, they do not look good on smaller heads.   Not to mention that girls also have a much smaller face then men.   So putting a big hat on a small face doesn’t offer a very flattering picture for girls.

Men’s hats come in adjustable hats, but also in a fitted hat.   Who doesn’t want a hat that fits nice and tight, that you never have to adjust.   Well I do.  But again almost all fitted hats are not meant to fit on a girls head.   The sizes they come in are tailored to the larger size men head.   What makes men’s baseball hats so stiff is the inside of the hat either has extra material in the front panels that are meant to make it sit tall and to be firm.

A girls baseball hat, or “soft pocket hat” as I call them are considered low profile in the front.   The inside of the hat panels have no extra material or fabric in there to make it stiff, hence the name “small pocket hat”.   A low profile means that the hat will literally sit directly on our head.   If we tighten up the hat, then it is literally meant to form the head.   They are adjustable usually with Velcro or a snap as to ensure we can get it nice and tight.

Why do girls wear baseball hats

I absolutely love wearing a baseball hat.   I wear one almost every single day at work and pretty much 50% of the time.   What I love about wearing a hat, is that if you are working or doing something that is hot and makes you sweat, then the hat catches the sweat.   This stops the sweat from dripping in your eyes.

There are many great reasons that more and more girls are wearing baseball hats.   Girls are now realizing that wearing a hat can do things like :

1.  Keep bugs out of your hair
2.  Keeps dirt and grime from getting caught in your hair
3.  If it is windy, then you are not dealing with unruly or messy hair
4.  Can keep your head warmer if it is cold outside
5.  Protects your face from the sun
6.  If caught in wet weather, keeps your hair from getting wet

This is just a few of the reasons why wearing a baseball hat is a great idea for girls.  Much like men, girls are tackling more outdoor working jobs and overall getting their hands dirty, if you know what I mean.   We are no longer required to just sit and look pretty.  For this reason, wearing a hat for girls is so much more popular then it used to be.

I have a very physical and dirty job as a laborer, and I can’t imagine if I was not a girl that was comfortable wearing a baseball hat.   The job takes its toll on me for sure, and by wearing a hat, it at least can give me some added protection from everything that I encounter in a hard day’s work.

What to look for in a good hat

I mentioned that 90% of all stores that carry hats, either have a very small selection of ladies hats, or none at all.   I am constantly dismayed as to why brands and stores don’t focus on making baseball hats specifically for girls.   They are missing out on a huge market.   Just look around when you are out shopping next time and you will be amazed at how little choices there are.

When I go shopping for a girls baseball hat, I am constantly asking at stores if they have any low profile hats.   Mostly I am sent to a section of either 2 or 3 ladies hats that are white or pink to choose from.   Not exactly my style of fashion in a hat. I am also finding that they are now calling low profile hats, “dad hats”.   I have no idea why, as most men don’t wear these type of hats.   But when you are searching, you are looking for low profile, small pocket hat. One that is entirely soft, with no added inserts in the inside front panel of the hat.

As a girl that loves to wear a hat and am also a huge sports fan, well try finding a Toronto Maple Leafs ladies hat in a mall or store.   It is impossible to find. I call it a needle in a haystack.   Yes you can find them, but not without an extensive search.

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Best hats

Now because I have probably 30 hats in my closet right now, maybe more.  LOL.  I like to believe, that I have done the research and know best how to find that cool girls baseball hat. I have found that there are some pretty amazing brands that do make these style of hats for girls.

One of them is New Era Cap, they make a complete line of girls baseball hats to choose from.  Mostly sports hats, if you are looking for that style of hat.

New Era girls best baseball hats  New Era Girls baseball hats

Shop New era hats

Another spot that I have found some pretty good hats is at Old Navy.   They don’t have a huge selection, but at least they actually make hats for girls.

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Shop Old Navy Hats

One of the places that makes some pretty amazing soft pocket hats for girls is Life Is Good.   They have a huge selection to choose from in all different colors and styles.   As with all things they make, their hats are soft, comfortable and absolutely stylish.   You really won’t find any cooler baseball hats anywhere.

Life is Good best girls baseball hats.

Shop Life is good hats

One of the best places in all to get sports hats for girls, is Fanatics.  The name say it all, they have sports hats from various companies and teams that you just won’t believe.  So if you are looking to get a sports hat, this is the place you are going to want to check out.

Fanatics - best girl baseball hats       Fanatics - Best girls baseball hats - Best girls baseball hats

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Girls hats

I have always been that girl that loves to wear a baseball hat.   Whether it is a day when I don’t want to do my hair, or a day when I am working, wearing hat gives me comfort.   But let’s be honest, wearing a hat all day is only possible if you buy a hat you like, one that is comfortable and above all one that fits well.

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Like anything that we put on our body, we want to make sure that it looks good and feels good.   Buying the best girls baseball hats available gives you ideal mix of it all.

So the next time that you are shopping for a new hat, remember all the important things I have said here today.   Look for a small pocket, soft and adjustable hat that really fits your head.   No girl looks good in a men baseball high front hat.   Take my word for it.

I hope you have enjoyed my hat roundup and if you have your own favourite hats, I would love to see it.   Drop me a comment with a pic.

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