Is Camping Fun

Have you ever packed up your car or truck and headed out camping for the weekend?   Well if you have, then you are not alone.   Camping is one of those amazing summer adventures that people can’t wait to go out and do as soon as the warm weather hits.   With so many people taken on this adventure, then answering the question “Is Camping Fun” seems like an easy answer.

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is camping fun camper

Funny enough camping is one of those things that you either love or hate.   Depending on who you talk to some people will answer definitely “NO” camping is not fun, while the next group of friends would say “HECK YEAH, CAMPING IS THE BEST”!

Like many things they are open to our own opinions and experiences.   I am going to share my camping experiences and why I grew up absolutely loving camping.


Did you know that in Canada, 5.7 million people camp every year.   YUP!   Isn’t that a staggering amount of people. But wait, in the U. S that number is even more massive.   That number is 40.5 million people that camp every year there.   UNBELIEVABLE, and it doesn’t stop there.

Each year that number continues to rise.   Just look at the stats for 2018 that say approximately 1.4 million people camped for the very first time.

What is it that has the camping numbers growing by leaps and bounds every year?   Some would say it is one of the cheaper ways to have a family vacation and that is why it is so popular.   While others will say, it is the ability to step away from our daily busy life and just slow down outdoors no matter what the cost is.

People that camp, are generally people that love to just get away.   The need to just step out of the car and breath in that fresh clean air, it is like therapy for them.


is camping fun my youth

Starting early

In my life, I believe that I developed my love of camping from way back when I was a kid.   Our family every year from as far back as I can remember have camped.

We used to all hop in my dad’s car and hit the campground for a week, 2 weeks and some years the entire summer.   It didn’t matter what was going on with our family, that is just what we did.

I was lucky enough to have young parents, so for them, it was an opportunity to get out of the house with 3 kids and just let us be kids.   We got to run around, swim, play and cook hot dogs over an open fire.   I think for them, they also enjoyed the ability to let us go do our thing with our friends and get out of their hair.   We also rarely camped alone, so my parents friends would also come along and that way, they would be able to spend time with their friends.

There are so many things that I learned as a youngster camper.

I learned:

  • how to swim
  • build a fire
  • cook over an open fire
  • chop wood
  • how to set up a camp site properly
  • all the gear that one needs to camp
is camping fun a camp fire


Because I started camping so early, all my memories or associations of camping, bring me so much joy to this day. Those times are never forgotten and when you have that type of positive experiences, of course you are going to grow up loving it.

As soon as I grew up to be an adult, I continued on with my families tradition of going camping in the summers.   The experiences I took from my childhood, have kept that joy of camping going.

I think that camping with kids, is a great way to teach them some of the most important things about being able to not rely on basic amenities that we have at home.   Being outdoors, for showering, using the bathroom and cooking are all so much different.   Kids need adventure and stimulation, so camping is a wonderful way to get all of that.

What makes it fun

When I say YES camping is absolutely one of the best things that you can do for fun in the summer, I can say that based on my own life experiences.   Now that you know I think camping is AWESOME, what is it that makes it so much fun?

Well first off, it is the things like:

  • Sounds – Being able to walk around in the trees and forest listening to the sounds of nature. It is just so relaxing.   You don’t hear anything but the natural sounds of the great outdoors.   Birds chirping, the wind blowing the leaves and the crunching of the ground when you walk.   I like to say it is like putting on a nature CD and sitting back.
  • Fresh Air – The air is just amazing when you are camping.   You get crisp air in the morning that is like a shot in the arm.   You get to feel the clean and unpolluted air in the daytime, while night will bring a freshness that is unmatched anywhere else.   Even if you don’t live in a big city, the air is just better when you are camping.

is camping fun night time
  • No Boundaries – Being outdoors when camping makes you feel that you have a wide open space with literally no boundaries.   You can go wherever you want, for as long as you want, and you won’t be spied on or watched. Unlike a walk in the city, there are always people around.   When camping you have almost nobody around you and you just feel FREE!
  • Makes Food Just Taste Better – Cooking while camping, is one of the absolute best things about camping. You can cook over an open fire or you can use a camping stove.   Which ever cooking option you choose, your food just tastes better.   Put a hot dog on a stick over the open flame, and it will be the best hot dog you have every had. You can throw a potato with some tin foil right into the coals of your fire and it tastes amazing. No matter what you are cooking outdoors, the prep, the cooking and the eating make camping food just AWESOME!!

is camping fun cooking on stove          

is camping fun open fire cooking
  • Activities – There are a ton of cool things that you can do when you are camping. Things like swim, boat, fish, water ski, play cards, listen to music, go for walks or long hikes. You can also check out your campground for historical things to see. Many provincial or national campgrounds have been built on famous land or land monuments. They are full of wonderful things to see and learn about where you are. As an adult one of the great things to do while camping is taking the time to sit have a cool drink and just visit with your friends and family. It just seems so much easier to really talk when there are not the same distractions as being at home. The quiet just breeds good conversation.
is camping fun - the beach


  • Disconnected – Many campgrounds are obviously in areas that are in more remote.   That of course means that sometimes you may literally have no access to technology.   I know we all love our phones and stuff, but sometimes just disconnecting from social media and not being able to be reached is totally freeing.   Not checking our phones every 5 minutes, can be a way to really decompressing from our obsession with technology.

The list goes on and on, as to what makes camping so much fun.   Ultimately it is the untethered break from reality that I enjoy the most.

is camping fun - good ole days

Camping round-up

If it is just a weekend excursion or camping for the entire summer, people are constantly flocking to the campgrounds.   Camping now of course is so much different then it used to be.   People years ago, were just so happy to have a tent or tent trailer to sleep in.   They didn’t need a 30-foot trailer with push outs that give you a full living room with all the amenities.

I have never been that type of camper.   I have had a few great little campers in my day, and I loved them all.  Owning a little piece of summer adventure, was always the most important goal.

is camping fun - nighttime

Camping has changed so much now, that people in my opinion have lost sight of what camping was supposed to be. It is nature, calming, roughing it and not having access to a TV with full cable.   People have taken it so far, that it just seems to have lost some of its natural aura about it.

That being said, camping is still one of the most amazing experiences that you can have and if you haven’t tried it yet, then now is the time to head out.   Time to find your INNER CAMPER!! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.   But remember with all good things, they don’t come easy.   Camping can be a ton of work, but the payoff makes it all worthwhile.



4 thoughts on “Is Camping Fun”

  1. Camping is great fun! Loved your article! I found my inner camper years ago and I have been a lot outdoors camping. But I was camping in a tent not a car or truck. However I tried Glamping not so long ago and it was much more comfortable, but it takes away the real experience of camping.

    I do agree that camping gives you valuable experience and a sense of freedom. I love to learn about all the wild plants you can make things of and eat. Picking berries and mushrooms. Exploring the area I am in.

    Not so fun camping when it is raining a lot I must admit.

    • Hi Hilde,

      I am so glad to hear that you are a true camper.  Tenting is absolutely the most rugged way to do it.  I have to say the older I get, the harder I find it to go so rugged.

      Glamping certainly has it’s upsides, for sure.  I guess it depends on how fancy it is.  Some added perks are truly worth it.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my post, I love hearing about your camping experiences.


  2. Hello there!

    This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it.

    My family just can’t stay a year without camping for at least two times, there are also something to remember when you get back home.

    • Hi Joy,

      I am so glad that you and your family get out camping a few times a year.  Sometimes that is all we need. 

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your families story about camping. I always am sad when I hear that people have never had the opportunity to get out with their family and try camping out.  Even if it isn’t something they will ever do again, at least they will have those memories.  Just like you said, there is always something to remember from your trip when you get home.

      Thanks so much.



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