Mens Casio G Shock Watches

What makes a watch popular and last for years?  Is it the quality, the style or it is just how popular the brand is?   I found Mens Casio G Shock watches years ago from my sister Carey.   She is a watch junky for sure!  The first time I saw her watch, I instantly knew that I wanted one.  That is the wonderful thing about sisters. LOL!

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G shock watch company

Today I am going to share my love of G shock watches with you.  Let’s take a look at the history of Casio.   I will show you a few of my favorite watches and what makes them so cool!

Casio history

Casio has been around for many decades.  Did you know that Casio didn’t start making watches right away.  Nope.  They first started in 1947 by making a finger ring called the “Yuwiba” that was used to hold a cigarette.  The first hands free way to smoke.  LOL!  They quickly become popular and by 1954, the company of brothers Toshio, Kazuo and Kashio took those profits and decided to expand into the world of calculators.  Back then, calculators were big clunky and ran using gears and cranks.

They decided to take Kashio knowledge of calculators and develop their own calculators using solenoids.   It didn’t take them long to perfect the desk top calculator and by 1954 they had the first 10-key number pad.   In 1957 the Casio Company was officially born.

Through the years, Casio expanded their product line and by 1980 they included musical instruments like keyboards and of course the wrist watch.   It was one of the earliest creations of the quartz watches both digital and analog.  This was also the first appearance of the calculator watch.   Yes, we all remember the awesome calculator watch.  It was become popular when it made an appearance in Back To the Future on Michael J Fox’s wrist.

casio g shock mens watch - calculator watch

The popularity of the calculator watch boomed.   I have to say, I remember getting my very first calculator watch and wow I was in love.  So cool.

Casio made the first watch that was capable of showing time in different time zones.   This was a big deal back then.  Their technology continued to grow from there getting to the technology of being able to use Global Positioning System to sync up with radio towers for the most accurate timekeeping.

calulator watch - casio g shock

In 1983 the company created G shock watches.   Created literally because Kikuo dropped his watch and broke it.  He wanted to fix the strength and durability of a watch by making it triple resistance to impact if dropped from a height of 10 feet. Just think about that, 10 feet is a long way down.  The watch was also water resistant and had a battery life of 10 years. By creating a shock resistance watch design, that had 10 layers of protection.  Helping protect the quartz of the watch with rubber bumper top, stainless steel back, hardened mineral glass cover and outer buttons on the side to help set and control the watch.

First few G shocks

The first design of G shock was the DW-5000C.

The invention of this watch changed the way we think about watches.  Typically, they were delicate, small and something that you needed to handle with kids gloves.  This first watch showed us that a watch could be durable, functional and yet a bit clunky.  Honestly though it took awhile for the G shock to fly off the shelves.  It wasn’t until the next knew design DW-5200 C that the watch become popular.

Casio dw-5200 C

This was until the commercial that showed a hockey player who used the watch instead of a puck to shoot.  After that commercial, G shock watches started to really boom.  Because of the durability of their watches, they were popular with the outdoor enthusiasts, fire fighters and policeman.

It took awhile for the watch to go to the more mainstream route, simply because it was a bit clunky and really not that pretty.  But personally for me, I was always drawn to that big watch face, rubber bands and amazing features.   Their watches aren’t a delicate
design to say the least.   For this reason, it was mainly popular with men, simply because of the size.  But of course being a tomboy, was all over this knew watch.   I didn’t care if it is a men’s watch or not.


By the 1990s after design changes, G Shock introduced the first tri-colored liquid crystal graphics.   The model was the DW-5900 C.   This particular watch, made a huge impact on the skateboarders market in the U.S.

g shock watch

The funny part about it all was, it was this watch that finally made G Shock a household name in its own company of Japan. Youth in Japan finally took notice and quickly made it the watch every young male wanted.   But oddly it was only available outside Japan, so that lead it to actually become a very popular import in its own company of origin.

Popping up in clothing stores and shops around Japan.   Sales went from selling 10,000 watches to 700,000 by 1995.  This also made it the first watch to become popular amongst youth.   Typically, watches were not worn by the younger generation, but that all changed with G shock watches.

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By the mid 1990s they even rolled out a diving watch called the “Frogman” that allowed divers to wear it underwater to a depth of 200 feet.  Just cementing their commitment to creating knew watch designs that could continually push the boundaries of what a watch could be.

2000s and beyond

By 1997 G shock watches were in a bit of a decline and decided to get back to it roots of rugged and tough performing watches.

Through the next few decades, G shock has continually pushed the envelope with it’s watches.   Using innovative technology that has brought us radio-controlled, solar-powered technologies.  These knew features also included triple G resistance which is:

  • shock resistance
  • centrifugal force
  • vibration
  • radio wave
  • GPS satellite calibration
  • pairing up with a smart phone
  • 200 knew designs per year
  • color choices galore
  • heart rate monitorg shock move watch

No matter what features you are looking for G shock has continued to surprise us with their cool designs and colorful chunky big watches.

My love of G shock

Throughout Casio’s watch reign of over 40 years, I have constantly been amazed by their ability to design watches that have continued to keep us coming back for the next knew watch.

G shock watch container

I personally own 4 Men Casio G shock watches.  They vary in color and style. No matter what the occasion, I find a way to wear one every time I go out.  They vary in price depending on the style and place of purchase.  Each watch comes in one of these very cool metal container that is great for storing your watch in.

Casio does make smaller women’s watches called Baby G watches that were first designed back in 1994.  Baby G’s offers the same toughness as a standard G shock mens watch, only with a much smaller design.  The standard G shock watches were just thought to be too big for women.

My G shock watches


I of course call my self the exception to the rule.  The bigger the better when it comes to watches for me.  When choosing a watch, make sure to check out buying a Casio Men’s G Shock Watch, you won’t be disappointed.  To be honest, I bet you will be surprised just how many ones there are to choose from.  Happy Watch shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Casio G Shock watch.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Casio G Shock Watches


Overall Product







  • Durable
  • Hundred to choose from
  • Fun and Stylish


  • Prices vary
  • Can be hard to set
  • Battery replacement

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  1. Wow, this article took me back many years. I have not seen or worn a Casio watch in 20+ years so it was kind of fun to read this. Well I can certainly see the nostalgia of wearing one of these, I could not possibly bring myself to takeoff my Apple Watch at this point. Who knows maybe one day Casio will catch up and bring out there own version?

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you thank you for sharing my trip down memory lane.  It is great when my post can take some back to a time to a memory of a cool product like these G shock watches.

      Seeing as Casio has been around for so many decades, I am confident, that years from now they will still be around. 

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  2. So thoughtful of you to share with us your review on men’s Casio G-Shock watches.

    I must say that I find this your review so intriguing and informative and I love the way you presented the history on the watch.

    You did an amazing job…. do keep up the good job and I look forward to visiting your blog more often.

    • Hi Evans,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my post.  I get excited when I get to talk about a product that I love, like G Shock watches.  They truly are my favourite watch on the market.  The funny part, is that they have been around for many decades, and yet they still are just as popular as years ago.

      I guess when you have something that is cool, rugged and super stylish, everybody wants one.

      Thank you for taking the time to share with me what your thoughts are.


  3. Hey nice article you have there.

    G-Shock watches are the best in terms of utility and toughness among their counterparts in the same price range.

    Most importantly, Casio G-Shock watches are shock-proof which means that they are safe from getting shocks. G shock watches has really proven to have value for money. It is available for all income levels.

    • Hi there,

      They truly are the best of the best when it comes to watches.  I love the durability also and find that you can get them for varying prices that are completely affordable.

      I appreciate your personal thoughts on these watches.  I think that many people feel the same way that we do, and that is the reason they have been around for so long.  A great product will always stand the test of time. 

      Take care and thanks.


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    • Hello,

      Thank you for sharing your warm thoughts on my post.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment.  I really enjoy hearing from my readers and hearing what their thoughts are.  It is just great to hear.

      Take care and thanks again.



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