Ole Henriksen Skin Care Products

Have you ever heard of Ole Henriksen skin care products?   Well if you haven’t, today is the day that you will be thanking me.   With Ole Henriksen skin care, your skin will never look better and more naturally beautiful.


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Ole hendricksen skin care products


You may wonder what a lesbian who describes themselves as a tomboy knows about skin care products.   Well just because I may not seem like a girl that would spend time and money on their skin care, you would be completely wrong.   I do care and today I am going to share my favourite skin care company with you.   See what makes this companies products special and affordable.

Our skin

I think every woman out there, once they passed their 20s and 30s starts doing everything they can to take care of their skin.   Especially when it is the skin on our face.   Let’s be honest, it is the first thing that people see when they look at you.

It is no secret that aging causes wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and just overall dry skin.   Some of it is due to menopause, sun exposure and sometimes it is just how you have or haven’t taken care of your skin throughout your life.

I know that in our younger days, the last thing we are thinking about is getting older, wrinkled skin or how much we time we spent in the sun.   We just did whatever we wanted and didn’t worry about it.   C’MON sitting in the sun in the 80s, was just something you did.   It was certainly not frowned upon like it is now.   I barely remember SPF sun protection as something we even worried about then.

Well times have changed and now, all these issues are real.   Taking care of our skin, is definitely the most important thing we can do to stay looking younger and more vibrant.   The skin care market is so huge, all you have to do is watch TV for 5 minutes and you will see a ton of commercials for anti aging creams for women.   The constant push to stay looking young and wrinkle-free is fierce!

But with so much competition and so many products to choose from, how do we figure out what products we need for our skin, that won’t break the bank?   The number one thing we can do is research and shop.

For me, going for a facial with a professional, was one of the major turning points in finally realizing that I couldn’t ignore the skin on my face anymore.   That and of course my sister Carey who is completely dedicated to keeping her skin healthy.   I am lucky that she is a huge source of helpful knowledge for me.   She has truly ingrained in me the need to buy products that will help my skin stay looking young and healthy.   THANKS CAREY!!!   Aren’t sisters the best!

ole hendricksen skin care products - carey skin


When I went for my facial, it was the first time I had ever even had a facial.   At the time, I thought my skin didn’t look to bad, but in reality, she pointed out some things with my skin that I never even noticed.   She said my skin was incredibly dry, dull and that my skin tone was very uneven.   She also pointed out that I have a few brown spots on my face from my sun tan days.   For the situation with my skin, she said I was in desperate need of Vitamin C and a good skin care regiment that included regular exfoliating.

I walked out after my facial, and I couldn’t believe how much better my skin looked.   It was brighter, smoother and wow really looked vibrant.   That was my turning point. Sometimes until we see a difference like I did, we don’t even realize how bad our facial skin is really in need of attention.


cor skin care

Ole history

Now that I have shared my reason for finally jumping into the skin care product market, let’s talk about Ole Henriksen.

Ole Henriksen was born in 1951 in Nibe, Denmark.   His Scandinavian upbringing was of very modest means.   Living in the small town of Nibe, his life was filled with laughter, music and fun by the water.   Although he didn’t have much money, he had a dream to explore the world.

In 1970, that dream became a reality when he darted off to Indonesia to work as a dancer and model.   Once there though, he developed cystic acne.   This outbreak brought him to an esthetician named Lagita, that would transform his skin.   His skins transformation quickly peaked his interest in skin care.

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Ole hendricksen skin care products - Ole

With his new affirmed love for skin care, he enrolled and graduated from Christine Shaw School of Beauty in London.   After completing his schooling, he quickly decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of creating his own skin care products and to have his own spa.   His first spa was opened not long after and it was called “The Ole Henricksen of Denmark Skincare Center” which was located in Beverly Hills.

By 1973, he was making guest appearances on a top rated talk show called “The Mike Douglas Show” and was a regular guest on “A.M. Los Angeles.”   His popularity grew leaps and bounds from there, even treating celebrities like Deidre Hall from Days of Our Lives and comedian Phyllis Diller.

It would take 10 years til 1983, before Ole would roll out his first skin care collection.   His skin care collections are made with the best of ingredients and his product philosophy is nothing short of a powerhouse.

Ole Hendricksen skin care products - philosophy

This collection was available by mail order and from his newly located spa in Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood.

By 1989 through 1995, the Ole Henricksen brand was growing rapidly.   This fame made him one of the most sought after celebrity skincare gurus.   With a complete re branding in 1995 he brought a fresh new and bright packing to his brand.   This was a first for the beauty industry to show off products in such a visual way.

In 2005, he partnered with Sephora who he to this day calls this relationship “a lifelong love affair.”   Within 5 years of his partnership with Sephora in 2010, his “Truth Serum” was the No.1 anti-aging product they sold.

Jump ahead to 2017 where Ole Henricksen decided to make it even easier to get his Ole Glow products.   Splitting his products into color code collections where each color code targets specific skin care needs.   Basically this change made his skin care collections able to solve absolutely every possible skin care concern you may have.   Also, ensuring that all his products have been made with love, attention and the best ingredients.

Throughout his life Ole, has even used his kitchen to play around with raw materials in order to come up with different products.   He really is a true skin care entrepreneur.


The colored collections

There are 3 collections that Ole Henricksen has created to address different skin care needs.   Here are the 3:

#1. The Truth CollectionOrange


#2. The Transform CollectionBlue


#3. The Balance CollectionGreen

As you can see each collection is packaged in its own unique bright and vibrant color.   This makes it easy to see which products fit into each collection.

Ole Hendricksen skin care products - collections


The Truth Collection is the orange collection and is tailored for brightening, anti-aging and all day hydration.   The focus of this collection is the influx of Vitamin C in its products.   Vitamin C is something we don’t often thing about when we think skincare, but the truth is, this ingredient is super important in having vibrant, hydrated and bright skin.   Without, our skin just looks dull and almost grey.   This collection is loaded with amazing products like:

  • Truth Serum
  • C-Rush Brightening Creme
  • Banana Bright Eye Creme
  • Truth Juice Daily Cleanser
  • Brightening Vitamin C Essential Kit


The Transform Collection is the blue collection and is meant for transforming skin that has uneven textures and skin tones.   So this is great for dark spots and skin that isn’t as smooth as it should be.   This collection is complete with products that exfoliate the dry skin, moisture and even skin tone.   The products in this collection are:

  • Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer
  • Transforming Walnut Scrub
  • Glow 2OH Dark Spot Toner
  • Invigorating Night Transformation Gel


Ole Hendricksen skin care products transform

The Balance Collection is the green collection and is great for intensely hydrating dry and sensitive skin.   If your face has an oily base with a look of pores that are shining through, then this is the collection for you.   The collection includes products like:

  • Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser
  • Balancing Force Oil Control Toner
  • Cold Plunge Cold Mask
  • Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub
  • Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator
  • Balance It All Mattifying Oil Control Set

Ole Hendricksen skin care products - balance collection

Skin cream roundup

No matter what type of skin issues you have, Ole Henricksen Skin Care Products has you covered.   LITERALLY!! The thing that I love about these products, is the fact that they put collections together in easy to purchase packages. That way you don’t have to buy each product individually.   This also helps keep the costs down.   It makes having beautiful skin affordable for everyone.

My favourite package is the “Let’s Get Luminous Brightening Vitamin C Essenstial Set.”   This is the package that I buy a couple of times a year.   It doesn’t cost a fortune either, it is only $53.00 CDN for all 3 products.

This package or products has made my skin look brighter, more vibrant and definitely much softer.   I truly love it.

The other amazing thing when shopping for Ole Henricksen products, is that they make a ton of other very easy to use and practical skin care products that just make things easier.

Whether you are looking for a complete anti aging regimen packed with vitamin C, AHAs, and antioxidants to target visible signs of aging and visibly transform skin in as little as seven days. Then the 3 little wonders is the package for you.

ole hendricksen skin care products - 3 little wonders

Then there is the 3 Makeup Wonders package.   This package offers one-step makeup removing with a double cleanser, a perfecting facial moisturizer and a brightening, firming eye crème.   All these will help keep skin smooth, radiant and well nourished.

3 makeup wonders ole hendricksen

And if all these don’t blow your mind, then there is always the easy travel Truth cleansing cloths.   This pack of 30 cleansing cloths are filled with vitamin C and jojoba seed oil.   They are used to clean, hydrate and illuminate your complexion in one easy step.   Truly a wipe that leaves your skin with that healthy-looking glow.

ole hendricksen skin care products cleansing cloths

When it comes to looking beautiful, just remember that companies like this, dedicate their lives to ensuring that they develop the best products with the best ingredients at a fair price.   Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t have amazing looking skin.


I hope you have enjoyed my review of Ole Henricksen skin care products.   Let me know if you have tried any of these products, and what your results were.   If you haven’t tried them, then today is the day to get started.   I am almost 50 years old and my skin has never looked better.


Ole Henricksen Skin Care Products


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  • Affordable
  • Easy to tailor for your skin care needs


  • You are going to want to buy more
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