Scratch And Sniff Stickers Of The 80s

Any kid that grew up when I did, will quickly remember the popularity of the scratch and sniff stickers of the 80s.   They were the BOMB!!   Often referred to as the “Smelly Stickers”, they were the craze for all kids of this era.   There wasn’t a kid in class that didn’t have a scratch … Read more


Favourite Writers All Time | My Most Memorable

When it comes to books and reading when I was growing up, it was something that I did almost everyday.  I fell in love with reading when I was younger.  Some of my favourite writers all time wrote some of the most memorable books I can remember. I would start a book and before you … Read more

What's a prairie girl - Coralie

What’s A Prairie Girl | My Prairie Story

When I am telling a personal story about myself, I can’t help but talk about where I am from. When I describe myself, where I was born and grew up is a huge chunk of who I am.  So, with that, I think it needs to be talked about in detail. I grew up in … Read more


Best 80s Movies All Time

Best 80s movies all time is a list that if you grew up in that era, you would appreciate.  This decade contributed to some of the most famous music of all time, but it is also responsible for some pretty amazing movies.     We cannot talk about famous movies without talking about the movies … Read more


Is Downhill Skiing Fun

Have you ever tried downhill skiing?   If you haven’t, do you ever wonder is downhill skiing fun?   Every winter, thousands of people hit the slopes so to speak!   They pack up their cars and head out on an adventurous vacation. People that ski regularly will tell you that skiing is truly the best thing … Read more


Where To Buy Duck Boots | Why You Need Them to buy duck boots!    When it comes to choosing a boot that will keep your feet dry and warm there is no better option then duck boots.    But where is a good place to shop for them and what is it about duck boots that people love so much? If you have ever seen … Read more


Ole Henriksen Skin Care Products

Have you ever heard of Ole Henriksen skin care products?   Well if you haven’t, today is the day that you will be thanking me.   With Ole Henriksen skin care, your skin will never look better and more naturally beautiful.     You may wonder what a lesbian who describes themselves as a tomboy knows … Read more


Best Old Cartoons

Every kid watches or has watched cartoons at some point in their childhood.   They are just a TV staple of entertainment for all kids.   When I was growing up, we had far fewer channels and way less options.   Funny enough though, we still had some of the best old cartoons around. It didn’t matter that … Read more


Cool Army Pants | A Must Have

Whether you are just looking for a comfortable pair of pants, or a step back into the 1980s when Camo and army pants first became a fashion statement.  Cool army pants are the best.   I remember back when I was a young teenager and army gear was a new line of clothing that was popular … Read more


Why Are Crocs Popular | Are They Cool Though

When it comes to people and Crocs, they have a love hate relationship with them.   Some people believe they are awesome because they are comfortable and easy to wear, but many others feel they are super uncool.    So if that’s the consensus, than why are Crocs popular? Fashion is always been something that is … Read more