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Are Tomboys Gay | Is This A Bad Stereotype

A Tomboy as we discussed in my last post, is a girl that has boyish characteristics.  Sometimes that can be physical appearance and other times it can be their style of play.  A girl that prefers to do boy activities and hang with boys more than girl’s is another way that they may be perceived … Read more

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What Is A Tomboy | Should We Use That Term

Let’s first start by saying that the word Tomboy has been around for a long time.  We have all heard someone call a girl a Tomboy on more then one occasion.  But why is that? First we need to understand the term Tomboy.  What is a Tomboy by definition? The Dictionary describes a Tomboy as: “an … Read more

About Cory

Hi everyone and welcome to my A Boyish Girl website.  Through my entire life, I have always been a little different than all the other girls.  For me that meant being labeled a Tomboy from as far back as I can remember. My goal with my website is to tell my story of this journey … Read more