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When we think back to being a little kid, we often think of all the awesome candy that we used to love.  Our memories of walking to the store with our $1 or 2, hoping we could get a bag full of all your favourites.  Well did you know that you can now buy that retro candy online?

Retro Candy online

Yup you sure can.  All of our favorites are now back and available for your to enjoy all over again.  Who doesn’t want to feel nostalgic.

What is it about candy

Candy for whatever reason is one of those things, that can instantly takes you back in time.  Whether it is things like clothes, TV shows, Movies, and even candy from our past, all of these items make us feel joy when we think about it.

But what is it about candy that we love to remember so much.  Is it that as kid we would get money from our parents and told that we could go to our favourite confectionery and pick out whatever we wanted.

There was nobody there to say that we couldn’t pick out the candy we wanted.  We were in control of our choices.  That is as long as we could count how much it was and that we had enough money, to be able to buy it.

Retro Online Candy Sucker

Funny when we think back to those days, we could get so much candy for so little.  It was nothing to buy a bag of candy for just a dollar or two.  We felt the freedom to eat it all at once and not have someone tell you to stop.

I like to think that candy for us is that youthful thing that we never grow out of.  I know personally, my love of candy has never gone away.  Anytime I get the urge, I still am that kid inside that browses through the selection of loose candy to pick at while watching TV.  It honestly just makes me happy.

For many folks of my generation, our candy of the past was long gone.  We walk into a store now to look at the candy, and we don’t recognize any of it.

Well that over the past decade, has changed.  Companies realize that candy from our past is still as necessary and popular as it was back then.  Retro candy is back everyone!

Retro Candy Online CTA

Retro Candy

Retro candy stores have been popping up in brick and mortar stores and of course now online.  With the online market for shopping so huge, even retro candy stores are getting in the action.

These candy stores are bringing back all the favourites for generations.   Some candy dates back as far as 1920, 30s and more.   Just think, the Kit Kat has been around since 1935.  Well how about M&M’s, they been around since 1941.  Yes I know that is hard to believe, but true.

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No matter the generation that you come from candy companies have continued to expand the nostalgic candy they are bringing back.

My generation was the 80s which brought a good deal of new candy to the market.  Things like:

  • Nerds
  • Candy cigarettes
  • Big League Chew
  • Runts
  • Jelly Tots
  • Skittles

Pez Star Wars ScreenshotFun Dip ScreenshotBig League Chew Screenshot





That is just the candy, what about all our favorite old school chocolate bars.  Yes many of our favourites are available now for us to reminisce about.  Things like:

  • Twix
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Wig Way (Curly Wurly)
  • Cuban Lunch

No matter what your favourite candy was or from which generation you grew up in, much of it still exists today.   You just need to know where to look.

Where to buy

Some big cities have been lucky enough to get a retro candy brick and mortar store.   For over a decade, they have been popping up in malls all over the world.

Unfortunately they aren’t in every town or city, so that leaves many people with a candy need and no way to fill it.   To solve this problem, we now have the luxury of shopping for that candy online.  It’s an easy fix to get that craving you’ve been holding on to in your head.

Stores like the have given us the ability to browse from our smart phone and pick through all the categories of candy they have.   Let me tell you, they have a ton of amazing candy.


When shopping online for candy, you will be amazing at the selection of choices you will have.  From chocolate, to gummies, to lollipops and more.  These stores truly have done their homework.   While you are browsing through their store, you will be happy to find some favourites like:

Pixy SticksCurly WurlyDouble Bubble
Pop RocksChocolate Gold CoinsBig League Chew
Bottle CapsChocolate BasketballsJawbreakers
Sweet TartsSnickersCandy Drops
PezMilky WayFruit Slices
Candy SticksAlmond JoyTootsie Roll

Wonka Candy Retro candy online

This list may seem long, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  These are some of my favourites.  am sure that with the huge selection of candy these sites have, you will also find your childhood candy just waiting for you. New

Candy Wrap-up

Retro candy stores, are such a smart idea.   Why you ask.  Well just think about what makes people buy stuff?

Some reasons people buy or make a purchase is out of a strict need as part of their everyday function.  Other times it is a gift for a holiday or birthday.  But a big portion of why people buy stuff, is because they have a heart felt reaction to something.   Getting a customer to have an emotional reaction or connection to a product is almost a guarantee they will buy.

Shopping is about making us feel better.  Everybody likes to think about past times in our life that bring us
joy.  Bringing that purchase home with us does that.  So building a business strictly focusing on just a special niche like retro candy, is a prime example of how people will make a purchase because they have such an emotional connection to candy and their past.

Who doesn’t want that joyful feeling.

The older we get, the more we want to remember the way things used to be.  Now we may not be able to bring back all the things we loved from our past, but candy we can.

Whether you are a Fun Dip fan, Big League chew fan or something fun like Pop rocks, we now can enjoy these favourites again.   All you need to do is head online to the and start shopping.

Just imagine getting your favourite candy delivered right to your door.  Sounds pretty amazing to me.

Even better enjoying it for yourself, what about sharing it with your kids.  Give them a snapshot back in time to what it was like to be a kid 40 years ago.  Who knows, maybe you will help create a lifetime memory for them that you have shared together.

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2 thoughts on “Retro Candy Online | Oh My Youth”

  1. What a great post and what equally great memories you brought back. I could recognize everyone you mentioned except Cuban Lunch.   What is (or was) Cuban Lunch?   

    We had a Retro Store; but unfortunately, it didn’t make it and even if had – COVID-19 is still keeping us from getting out there.   I appreciate the link to the Candystore.  

    Are there other online stores that you would recommend?

    • Hi Steve,

      I am so glad that enjoyed my trip down candy memory lane. So much fun to go back in time.

      Yes unfortunately now more than ever brick and mortar stores maybe a thing of the past. Online candy stores  maybe the only way we will be able to get this candy moving forward. Thank god for the internet ans online shopping. 

      One other great online candy store is Thank you for your comments on my post.



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