Tomboy Hairstyles

Whether you prefer long hair or short hair, a good haircut is a good haircut.    When looking for a new style or haircut, does it matter if you are a tomboy or not?   Are there certain tomboy hairstyles?

Styling your hair, is always a personal choice.   No matter how you define yourself, having good hair is a key to looking and feeling great.    Everybody knows how good it feels to have a fresh new-look.   A simple haircut can completely change your entire look.

Being adventurous and keeping it fresh, is a perfect way to also stay relevant with changing styles.

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cor tomboy hairstyles

Does your hair describe you

There are many wonderful haircuts, that are described as tomboy haircuts.   I personally hate that way of describing any haircut, but that is just the way it is.

I realize that certain haircuts to some people are considered masculine or very tomboy.  I say always wear what you feel comfortable wearing.   Don’t let someone else tell you what your hair should look like.

Whether you are a tomboy or not, just because you get a short haircut, doesn’t automatically make you a tomboy.   Women are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to styling their hair, and many times, that means making drastic changes to their hair.

Tons of women that have worn long hair for their whole life, eventually look for a change.  They make the decision to cut it all off for a cool new short haircut.   Just look at the actress Terri Polo.   She had long hair forever!    Then one day she cut it all off for a cute pixie/bowl cut.   I think she looked great.

Terri polo tomboy hairstyles     

terri polo tomboy hairstyles short hair

I know personally, I have had long hair and short hair, at many times in my life.   I like the dramatic change that you get when you cut it all off in just one swoop.   It feels like losing a ton of weight, and just feels great.

Funny enough though, one guy I work with said to me that I didn’t know you were gay until you cut your hair off.    Not much of a stereotype there hey.

Let’s look at some really cool and fun hairstyles that many would consider to be tomboy haircuts.

Undercut or side part

One of the most popular short haircuts right now is the side part with an undercut on the other side.    I personally love this hairstyle and find it very cool.   It does make me laugh though, as I feel like it is a very 80s hairstyle.    They always say that styles comeback, well with that hair, I think that has definitely been the case.

Back then, this haircut was often referred to as the “Flock of Seagulls” haircut.   That is a band from the 80s if you don’t know.   Check them out and you will understand.   LOL!

Undercut and side style tomboy hairstyles

As you can see the one side is parted over to the other and completely shaved underneath.   A true undercut, is the exact same underneath on the other side, which my cut has.   The wonderful thing about this cut, is that because both sides are cut equal, you can mix and match how you wear the top of the hair.   You can easily wear it to the other side, or put it all back almost slicked like.  No matter the occasion, this cut is a fun haircut.


When it comes to a tapered cut.   What that really means is that instead of being shaved on the sides and back, the sides are tapered evenly all the way up.   There is still some length on top, that gives you some different options of ways to wear it.

tomboy hairstyle tapered

Often described as the “Ellen” haircut, this style is super popular with many tomboys, as it can be made to be soft and feminine if you want.  Just simply by laying it down flat on top completely changes how it looks.

For something more wild and crazy, you can stand it up a bit in the front.   The other wonderful thing about this style of haircut, is no matter if you have grey hair or not, this cut still comes across as youthful and hip.


The pixie cut is one of the most popular tomboy looking hairstyles.  Considered to be edgy, classy and super sheek.   A pixie cut can actually be a variety of looks. Sometimes a pixie cut can be super shortcut, like Halle Berry’s short hair style, or it can be longer like how Ruby Rose is wearing here.

Pixie cut tomboy hairstyle screenshot

No matter how what style of pixie cut you choose, you will be amazed at how it will transform your look.   A super easy hair to maintain, and whether you are heading out for a fancy dinner or hanging out in your yard, your hair will always look good.  Who doesn’t want that.   LOL!

A bob

The bob hairstyle which means “short hair” goes all the way back in history to the 17th century.   A classy and chic haircut that is defined as a cut that is usually cut straight near the jaw line.   Now that being said, the bob can be seen in almost any length of hair, not just to the jaw.     It can be shorter, longer and even layered.   No matter what length of bob you have, it is one of the easiest cuts to spot.

bob tomboy hairstyle

Much like a bob that has differing lengths, a bob can also be achieved with hair that is a bit wavy, even curly.   A very easy manageable hairstyle makes this cut one that never goes out of style.   The colors may change with the decade, but the fresh and crisp look never gets old.


When all else fails looking for a new haircut, should always boil down to fun.   Why not let your hair express your true inner spunk.   Much like the clothes we wear our hair can reflect how we want people to see us.   Displaying it like the 2 lovely tomboy ladies below, you can see that anything goes.   Fun hair is all about having the confidence to pull it off.

Kristen steward fun tomboy hairstylePink screenshot tomboy hairstyle

Tomboy hairstyles are all in the eye of the beholder.  What one person thinks is a tomboy haircut, the next person says it is just staying a cute haircut that is fun and relevant.

Me and my hair

My entire life, when it comes to my hair, I have always done whatever I wanted.   My mom likes to tell the story about me when I was just about to start Preschool and I had long hair at the time.  School was just about to start and I begged my mom to let me cut off all my hair.  I finally won out and got my short hair.

coralie tomboy hairstyle

As you can see from the picture, it was a bit on the boyish side to say the least.   All I remember is how much I loved it.   I just didn’t care what anybody else thought.   I was proud to be a girl wearing short hair.

The super funny part, is 40 years later, I am still the exact same.   No my hair ideas haven’t always been a 10, but no matter what, I always wore it with confidence.

Let’s not forget, it is only hair and it will always grow back.  What also helps, is that I have a great head of hair and it grows incredibly fast, so that is lucky. for me.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post on tomboy hairstyles.  If you have something that you want to share or comment on, just drop me a line below.   I would love to hear what your thoughts are and what your experience has been with your hair.

4 thoughts on “Tomboy Hairstyles”

  1. Wow, this is great styles you have got here on this review. These styles are super cool and beautiful especially that of tapered cut, I will have to introduce this to my cousin who is a tomboy, I believe she will love it. Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

    • Hi Joy,

      That is excellent that you can pass along some of these cute hairstyles to your cousin.  It is always exciting to be able to pass that along to someone looking for a new do.

      Getting new ideas for haircuts is something  I am always on the look out for.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  Talking about hair is always a fun time.



  2. I have been reading about Lady Diana Cooper. She has an interesting bio. One of the things that cough my attention is that she worked as a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurse at Guy’s Hospital during the First World War.

    But the point that made me think of her while I was reading your post was that she had bobbed hair as a child, kept the style through her teenage years and continued as an adult.

    • Hi Paolo,

      I loved lady Di, so anytime you want to talk about her, I am happy.  It was so sad when she died so young and yes you are right she always had cute hair.

      Not many people can pull off her type of bob haircut and look good.  Somehow she always looked fabulous.  This just reiterates that one haircut that is good for someone, may not be good for the next.  Such a personal choice.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.



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