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I have always loved VW’s.   I am not sure where my obsession really started, but I think “Herbie The Love Bug” may have played a small part.

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Vdub store - me and my vw

One of the first vehicles that I bought in my 20s when I started making some money, was a 1971 VW Westphalia Van.   To this day, this as one of my absolute favourite vehicles.  Once you become a VW owner, there is a major sense of pride that comes with that.

When we have a love of something, we often like to display that love with gear.   Whether it is a tee shirt, a hat, pictures, or more, finding that stuff can be impossible to find in a store.   The love of VW’s is so huge, that they even have a full online store for everything VW.   It is called the VDUB store.

Continue reading to find out all the wonderful VW stuff that you can get to make sure that you are all decked out to show your VW pride.

VW history

Volkswagen has been around since May 28, 1937, and was founded under the German Labor Front.    They were actually part of the Nazi regime.   The first car that was built was called “Kraft-durch-Freude”, later called “The Beetle”.   It was rolled out at the Berlin Motor show in 1939.

Due to the start of World War II, production halted and it wasn’t til the end of the war where VW auto plant were a crucial part of the automobile rebuilding process for Germany.

It took awhile for the car to gain traction in the U.S. simply due to the Nazi connection.    By 1959 a name change to the “Beetle” and extensive marketing helped propel this cute little car to greatness.    After only a few years, VW became the #1 top selling import in the U. S.

Through many changes and decades of production, VW managed to cement themselves in history as the coolest vehicles of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond.    The introduction of the famous VW Westphalia camper van and the original Beetle has created life long connections with classic car enthusiasts.  Even if you didn’t grow up early enough to own a new one, buying a VW decades later, has kept these historic vehicles alive and well even in 2020.

I have been lucky enough to own 2 VW Westphalia’s in my lifetime and a VW Golf.  The vans were both from the 1970s and yet they were completely different from each other in many ways.   I think for me, the draw to this particular VW, was the ability to camp in it, drive it like a van, and just how cool they are to drive.

vdub store me and my orange vw

Anyone that has owned one of the classic VW knows that unique sound they make when driven.  They truly sound like no other vehicle.   You can always hear them coming.

Equipped with accessories like no other vehicle, from the push up top with a bed, to the pull up table and screen attachment for the back door, all such fascinating gear.    The cool hammock attachment for covering the front 2 seats to put your gear, and a full set of curtains meant you could camp easily.   It is like they thought of everything.

Whether you have been lucky enough to own a VW from the past or from now, buying one basically means you have joined the club.   Volkswagen since the beginning has also been referred to as “VDUB”.   There truly is nothing better than being a part of the VDUB fan club.


Many VW enthusiasts like to show how much they love VW’s, by wearing clothes that are dedicated to VW.  Yes that is correct, tee shirts, coats, even dress shirts.   I know, who would buy a VW dress shirt.  Well, as I have been saying VW people are a unique group of people and for them this is totally normal.

Whether you are looking for the coolest old school VW tee shirt, a fresh new tank top, or something to keep you warm.   This online store has it all.

vdub store tee shirtvdub store black tee shirt screenshotvdub store tee shirt blue screenshot

Some clothing has just the VW logo, and some have super fun designs with pics of the classics.  Well what about an ugly VW Christmas sweater, yup they even have that.  These fast selling sweaters are so popular, they are hard to keep in stock.

If you are thinking you need something new to wear that shows your VW love, there is really no other place to go.

Household or Garage items

Maybe you aren’t in the market for new clothes, but instead looking to decorate your house or garage.   Well you can find some pretty cool gear for either spot.  What about furnishing your basement walls with VW gear that no one else will have.

Are you are looking for a new clock, a cool wood or metal sign to put on your wall, the sky is the limit.   Even getting a neon sign to just brighten up the room is an option.   If you are looking for special VW item for inside one of your rooms, join the club.

vdub store signs screenshot

Dog gear

Dog parents are always game to dress their dog in cool and fun dog gear.  Whether it is to match what you are wearing, or to stand out on their own, our dogs also love new stuff.

Did you know that you can even buy your dog some VW doggy gear.  Yes you can, so if you are in the market for anything from a :

  • new dog bandanna
  • dog harness
  • leash
  • dog bed

No matter what you are looking for your dog, the selection here is fabulous.  I absolutely love the dog bandanna, that is my absolute favourite option.  It is just so fun and colorful, and a  really sharp design.   How good would your dog look in this bandanna?

vdub store dog banada screenshot

My love

My love of VW is so great, that I even went as far as to get a tattoo to show off my love.  I have had it for more than 20 years, and still today, I am proud to wear it.

The VW logo, is one of the most famous logos in the world.   So popular in fact, that vehicles will actually be vandalized by people just to steal the logo off the vehicle.  Sad, but true.

Even though I no longer own a VW, I one day hope to own another one.   You are never too old to dream.  My heart will always be as a VW die hard.

my vdub tattoo

When you check out this cool website, you will find so much more than you could imagine.  They have accessories for current VW’s, gift packs, bags and so much more.

I know that there are many Volkswagen fans out there, so I hope that you have enjoyed me sharing my love of these super cool and fascinating vehicles.

Maybe it’s time that you showed your VW pride with some new gear from the Vdub store.   Check it out, it’s never to late.

Vdub Store

I would love to hear your thoughts on my post, so feel free to put a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Vdub Store | I Love VW”

  1. I absolutely love the clock image that you shared! This is going to be on my Christmas wish list! I was always fascinated by the “Beetle” as my cousin’s family had one. They told me to get something out of the trunk one day and I was surprised to find the engine there!

    When I was in college, I studied Nazi Germany. I not only found out that a very distant relative was someone who helped Jews escape from Germany, but we also learned a lot about the “Volks Wagon”. My instructor said that this was to be the car for everyone in Germany—a family car.

    I have never owned a Volkswagon, but have seen and been delighted by them over the years. One of my favorite teachers has one. It’s a bright yellow one, very befitting of her personality!

    That clock is going on my wall!

    • Hi Karin,

      HAHA yes that clock is super cool.  I am glad that you are so excited about it.  They truly have some pretty neat and unique stuff on their site.

      It’s funny, because we all seem to know someone in our life that has owned some type of classic VW.  I still remember when my brother bought a VW Rabbit in the early 90s, it was just so awesome.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share you thoughts and opinion on my post, I appreciate it.

      Take care and enjoy the clock when you get it. LOL!


  2. I forgot VW was company amongst the likes of Coca Cola associated with the Nazi regime, I find these things interesting as it reminds me a lot of history isn’t that far behind us and is still relevant. 

    The way you describe the VW club makes me think of the motorcycling culture, specifically choppers. I’m sure now that I’ve read your page if I buy a VW in the future, especially a retro one, I’ll be buying all the merch to go with it!

    As a father with two daughters and a son, I look forward to more content as we, as parents especially, try to promote equality and a sense that they can be who they want to be so content like your’s really helps! 

    • Hi Tony,

      That is so wonderful to hear that you enjoyed checking out my website and reading my post.   Yes much like a motorcycle club, people that own VW treat it like a club.  Everytime you drive by each other, you get a honk and wave. 

      I know that motorcycle enthusiasts are also just as passionate.  I think when you have such a passion for something, the natural thing is to want to display it.  Gear easily does that.  It’s like we just want people to be a part of us sharing it.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and look forward to seeing you back here soon.  Stay tuned.



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