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Innovation and technology have given us amazing clothing products that are made specifically to help keep us warm. Today I wanted to talk about a spectacular company that is doing just that.  Volt Heat is a company that offers everything you could need in heated clothing, gear, and accessories for cold weather.


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When we live in cold climates and whether we love the great outdoors for play or have a job that requires us to be outside, we need proper gear to keep us warm.  The most amazing company that I recently came across offers the best selection I have ever seen in heated clothing.  Volt Heat clothing is some of the most amazing, powered clothing that is all about making sure you are warm and cozy when you need to go outside in the bitter cold.  My review today will offer insight into their products and the technology they used to make it all happen.  Let’s get started.


The first thing I want to talk about with Volt Heat is the technology that they used to power and create their heated products.  The technology is the crutch of what makes them tick and truly what makes them so special.

Their heating system that powers the technology is called “The Zero Layer Technology”.   The specific heating panels are woven inside each panel’s insulation is tiny stainless-steel fibers.   These fibers are put in the insulation rather than just in the fabric making the heat transfer process much more effective.


volt heat clothing - technology


Typically heating systems are inside the fabric and therefore actually cause or impede the heat transfer process.  With this type of configuration, there is no need to actually “hide” the heating systems.

Also, because each heating element is bonded with thermal tape, it helps protect the element from any type of wear and tear that you might see with other companies’ heating technology.

Every item is scientifically tested at an Institute for Environmental Research using ASTM standards.

Volt Heat uses 4 different power sources for their gear.  They use a 3, 5, 7- and 12-volt lithium rechargeable batteries. Depending on the specific products power requirements, each item is equipped with its own rechargeable battery.


The line of clothing that Volt Heat makes range from jackets, vests, hoodies, and shirts.  Whatever type of heated clothing that you are looking for, you will find a full selection to choose from.  They even offer specific lines of clothing for men and for women.

Their line of coats for example offer a range of jackets from just lightweight all the way up to full down jackets.

Summit Jackets – This jacket is on the heavy-duty side of coats.  They are a combination of 90% down and 10% feather. Powered by a 5 V USB rechargeable battery this jacket will keep you ultra-warm in the coldest of temperatures.  The jacket is equipped with 4 heating panels throughout the jacket.  2 are on the front on each side of the chest and 2 are spread out on the back of the jacket at the top shoulder blade area with the other towards the lower back.   These panels when heated up will provide complete warmth and comfort throughout the core of your body.

The coat has a “V” button by the front pocket that will allow you to adjust the temperature setting of the coat without taking it off.   It comes with 3 temperature settings from High (Red), Medium (Blue) and Low (Green).  Depending on the setting that you choose you can get 2+ hours using the high setting and 5+ hours of heat on the lowest setting.


volt heat clothing - summit

Radiant Jackets – on the lighter side, the Radiant jackets offer a quilted style along with a nylon outer shell that allows for easy movement.  The jacket is called the “Radiant”, due to its ability to radiate heat through your entire core.  It has a 4-zone heating system that has 3 heat panels that are located with 2 in the front chest area and one large one on the back of the coat that covers the shoulder blades and mid back.  Powered with a 5 V USB rechargeable battery, this jacket is comfortable, fairly lightweight and easy to move around in.  For this reason, this jacket is the perfect choice for those cold days when you want the freedom to have full range of motion.

This jacket is also equipped with the same “V” button by the side pocket that allows you to change the temperature setting on the go.  The 3 settings are High (Red), Medium (Blue) and Low (Green).  The setting that you select, will determine the length of time that the battery will power the jacket with ranges from 2+ hours up to 5+ hours.


volt heat clothing - summitvolt heat clothing - review

Omega Hoodie – If you are in the market for a new hoodie, that offers that extra kick of warmth and comfort, then the Omega hoodie is the one.  Powered by 5 V rechargeable battery and 4 zone heating system, this hoodie will definitely keep you warm.  The 4 zones are laid out with one in each front pocket and 2 on the back.  One is located at the top shoulder blade area and the second is in the lower back area.  This poly/cotton blend hoodie is very warm and won’t lose its shape over time.

Located on the right hip pocket area is the “V” button that will allow you to control the temperature setting on the hoodie.  When in the high setting, the button will appear red, then blue for the medium setting and green if put on the lowest temperature setting.  Due to the layout of the heat panels, your hands will be kept toasty warm as well as having the back panels that will help keep your core nice and cozy.  The temperature setting of your choice will determine the length of time of the battery life.  Ranging from 2+ hours on high to 5+ hours on the low setting.


volt heat clothing - hoodie

These are just a few of the most popular clothing in their line, but this is just the beginning, browse through their clothes and you will find much more to choose from.

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Some of the best gloves on the market, Volt Heat offers an amazing range of heated gloves to choose from.  They offer extreme gloves all the way to lighter weight gloves and even mitts.   No matter what type of heated glove you are looking for, you will find them here.  Whether it is leather, fleece, or nylon gloves, you can choose which fabric best suits your outdoor glove needs.

Avalanche X – The most extreme gloves in the line, the “Avalanche X”.   These are the flagship glove of Volt Heat.  These gloves are the top of the line when it comes to gloves that are meant for the coldest of temperatures.  Great for blowing snow, snowmobiling and so much more.  What makes these gloves so extreme is the fact that these gloves offer the most heat, the most coverage and the most insulation of any of their gloves.  Powered by a 7.4 V rechargeable battery in each glove.

Equipped with 3 heat power settings to choose from, you can decide how hot you need the gloves to be.  The heat is even distributed around each finger, thumb, and both sides of the hand.  A full range of heat sources that are guaranteed to have your hands super warm.  The heat settings are controlled using the “V” button on the end of the glove.  You can choose between 100% heat which will give you approximately 2+ hours of heat or go to the lowest setting that will provide over 5+ hours of warmth.


volt heat clothing - heated gloves


One of the other cool features about this glove, is that you can cinch up the gauntlet glove using the toggle string to help keep any snow from getting into the gloves.   Along with the double leather palm, these gloves can handle pretty much any conditions you can through at them.

volt heat clothing - avalanche x


Impulse X – Taking it down one notch, Volt Heat makes the “Impulse X’ glove that offers a strong nylon outer shell with a fleece inner lining.  The back of the hand is also equipped with extra foam insulation, that will surely keep your entire hand warm.  Each glove is Powered by 7.4 V rechargeable battery.

The gloves are waterproof and breathable, making them an excellent choice of gloves for the cold weather.  To control the temperature on each glove, you simply use the “V” button located on the lower part of the glove.  You choose the temperature setting that you need based on the outside weather conditions.  If you need the hottest setting which is 100% (red) you will get approximately 2+ hours, 66% (blue) setting will give you 3.5+ hours, while 33% (green) offers the longest time at 5 hours.

volt heat clothing - impulse glove

When it comes to gloves, these 2 gloves are the warmest and most sought after heated gloves on the market.  They also offer a long list of other mitts and gloves that are less extreme and less money.   It all depends on what exactly you need these gloves or mitts for.

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Cold feet are the number #1 thing that I can’t stand about winter.  When I am inside my house and watching TV, there is nothing worse then cold feet.

Volt Heat has completely solved this issue with its entire line of footwear products.  They offer inside slippers, their indoor/outdoor slippers, and of course heated socks.  Whatever way you want to keep your feet warm, Volt Heat footwear has you covered!  LITERALLY!!!

Probably my favourite footwear product they offer is the indoor/outdoor slipper called the “Gen IV”.  I know you are wondering how can they be used in and outside.  Well when I say outdoor, I mean the odd trip to the garbage or garage. Any small outdoor excursion around your home.  They aren’t BOOTS!

The newest line of indoor/outdoor boots is now equipped with an awesome side zipper that allows you to put them on and off without any issue.  Made with a rip stop nylon outer shell, inner fleece lining and a memory foam foot bed.

The heat powered system is located in the bed of the slipper.  This will provide heat from you heel all the way to your toes.  Each slipper has its own 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery and will provide heat to your toes for 3 – 7 hours.  Depending of course on the temperature setting that you choose.  There are 3 heat settings to choose from, High = 3 hours, Medium = 5 hours, Low = 7 hours.  To control the temperature, each set of slippers comes with a remote control, that you can used to adjust the heat settings.

volt heat clothing - slippers

volt heat clothing slipper review

If you are looking for socks rather than slippers, than you can choose between the “All Day 3 V Socks” or the regular “3V Sock”.  Depending on the time frame in which you need the socks to stay warm, that will determine which sock will best fit your need.  Both sets of socks come with 3.7 V rechargeable batteries and will definitely keep your feet toasty this winter.

volt heat clothing - heated socks


Along with their amazing line of clothes, gloves and footwear, Volt Heat also has a line of accessories to choose from.  With some of their gear, having a second battery, extra cord, or converter for a car, may come in handy.   You can even find a heated travel pillow, if that is what you are in the market for.


volt heat clothing - winter

No matter how you look at its Volt Heat clothing and accessories is a company that is committed to making sure that we don’t suffer the cold without some amazing warming products.   I live in Canada, so for us, this type of gear is a must have.

Just to prove that they completely stand behind all of their products I don’t want to forget to tell you about their amazing 30-day money-back guarantee for any product your purchase.  To go even one step further, they offer a “Lifetime Limited Warranty” as well.

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I hope that you have enjoyed my review of Volt Heat and if you have any questions that you would like to ask, just drop me a comment below.


Volt Heat Clothing


Overall Product







  • Great quality
  • Amazing line of products
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Need to recharge batteries

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  1. Hi,

    That is funny! I have never heard about such clothing. Of course, we don’t know such cold weather, but very often it is so wet that the cold you feel may be extreme. But in Canada, where you live, it is completely different. Actually, I would love to have the winter colder here in the Netherlands, not that rain but snow. I think this clothing is really terrific for such cold areas. If I lived there, I would buy it. Even here, I need a warm water bottle, but this clothing is really great. Thank you so much for your information!

    • Hi Sylvia,

      Yes sadly every winter day here is pretty darn cold.  We need all the extra warm clothing and gear we can get, especially if you work outside. 

      I lived in Ontario for 7 years and those winters there were so damp, I found it such a different kind of cold.  But still darn cold to the bone. 

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share on my post.  Take care and enjoy your nicer weather. HAHA!



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