Why Should People Read More

One of the first things that we are taught when we are young is how to read.   We spend hours and even years learning how to do it while also understanding what we are reading.   This is really one of the most important milestones in our young lives.  As we get older, that urgency to continue to read seems to fall by the wayside.   But is it still just as important?   Why should people read more.   What are the benefits of reading?

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We are taught through our whole school life, that reading is that one thing that can help us be successful in everyday life.   It truly is a must have skill, that is stressed through every level of our live.

But what are the most important reasons why we need to continue reading?

Improves conversation skills

One of the most important reasons to read,  is it improves our ability to have good conversation skills.  When we read, we learn new words and terms that we can implement in our own conversations with other people.  It helps us articulate better when we are telling stories or explaining something to someone.

The books we read also give us more knowledge of everyday things. We learn new things from reading, and that can make for even greater conversations.  Being able to share what we have learned by just talking about it is also a fabulous way to remember it.    Repeating something to someone else, can make it feel more relevant and real.

why should people read more


Makes writing easier

The most important skill of learning to read is followed right behind the ability to write.   Reading regularly also makes it easier for your to write.   Why you ask?   Well when we read something, we are reading the proper words, sentence structure and correct way to compile a sentence or statement.  Things like punctuation and putting words in the proper context.

Learning is often made easier by repeating the task.  By reading a lot, this repetition improves our spelling and vocabulary. When we sit down to write something, we remember words that we read and incorporate those words in our own sentences. Effectively expanding our ability to write better.   Kind of like the “monkey see, monkey do”.   We emulate what we read and put down our own thoughts on paper.

Creative imagination

One of my favourite things about reading, is that it allows us to use our imagination.   The stories we read let us escape into the life of our book.   We imagine the characters as real people and get invested in everything about them.

We visualize what they would look like, how they dress, where they live and how they feel.  Everything we come up with that isn’t on the page is created out of our imagination.  Unlike watching TV where the image is shown to us, we need to develop that imagery on our own.

Maybe it’s the physical location of where the book takes place that we create in our mind, or just the visual aspects of what our character is wearing.  All of these images we get to come up with in our own minds naturally promotes use of our imagination.

Really the heart of what makes using our imagination so special.  It can be wrong and we see it the way we want to see it.




Little Fires Everywhere (movie Tie-in): A Novel

Good for the brain

The brain is a muscle, and that means that using it only makes it stronger.   Reading is a great way to exercise that muscle.  Repetition and reuse of a muscle creates a well oiled machine if you will.   Studies show that reading also promotes more blood flow to our brain and improves connectivity.

Kids books

When we use our brains regularly, it helps improve our memory.   Like any muscle, that “use it or lose it” mentally is real.  Keeping sharp and aware is something reading does for us every time we pick up a book.   The focus that we use for reading as mentioned above, is another piece of the puzzle with how and why our brains are so important to keep healthy.   We all know that our memory as we age naturally can fade, that is why it is so beneficial to use it every day of our life now.

Used book club - why people should read more

More focus

Unlike reading an article or blog, reading an entire book takes focus and commitment.  There is no instant gratification like reading something quickly in passing.  Many of us read simply by skimming the article, rather than reading it word for word in its entirety.

When it comes to sitting down with a book, you read each word page by page.  Reading this way creates a strong focus and even a fixation on the story we are reading.  We have all started reading a book and stop to look at the time wondering how it went by so fast.

Focusing shuts out the world around us and is great for escaping our everyday life.  Being unable to put a book down is one of the most common things that happen when we read a really good story.

Strong focus leads to building a strong attention span.  This skill is extremely helpful in everyday life.  People that are this focused complete tasks and are successful with anything that life can throw at them.  Focus gives us a full understanding of how important being present in a situation is.

Creative juices

Reading we get to escape to another world, to a place or time we are unfamiliar with.  This allows our imagination to soar, but that also gets our creative juices flowing.

Descriptive words, flashy adjectives and reading a beautiful sunset.  All of these are things that we learn from reading other peoples written words.  We internalize these words and they encourage us to want to think outside the box. Imagining our own story or adventure that we can create for ourselves.

Reading is art and reading is creative, so it only makes sense that people that read, are more likely to be a creative individual.


Book worms

As a reader my whole life, I used reading as a way to increase my memory, especially when I was younger.  That and music of course.  But reading was always a regular habit for me and my sister Carey.

I think back to those days and realize how glad I was that I was a kid that loved to read.  I was passionate about it and used reading as a way to escape and be creative in my own life.  I believe that reading help create my ability to feel emotions, taught me good versus evil.  That the good guy doesn’t always win and that not all endings are happy ones.

I love so many genre of books and authors like:

Sci Fi – John Saul, Stephen King
Romance – Danielle Steele, Silouette Romance, Nicholas Sparks, Judy Blume
Drama – John Grisham, V.C. Andrews
Documentary / True Stories – Helter Skelter, Burning Bed, Mommie Dearest
Sports – Biographies
Kids books – Dr. Seuss








Every author on this list is responsible for getting my young creative juices flowing and helped me expand my mind with with every book I read.  I don’t know where I would be without those experiences.

Reading brings us joy, teaches all of us to be empathetic, feel love and loss.  We learn that feeling of anticipation to finish reading the book, just to see how it ends.  The build up and feeling completely enthralled in what the characters are going through.  It can teach us history we didn’t know and about different cultures in the world.

Each one of the reasons why people should read more, are great stand alone reasons to start reading now.  Put them all together and wow, we all better sit down and pick up a book right now.

If you haven’t read book in a while, then it’s time for you to start reading again.  We all certainly have the time right now.  For those that are regular readers, maybe it’s time to jump in and grab a new title.

why people should read more


20 thoughts on “Why Should People Read More”

  1. You are 100% right! Reading is essential and we should all engage in it more. I used to read so much as a child and I actually stopped for a little while but recently I got a kindle and got back into the habit of reading. I spend a lot of time writing and people often ask me how I do it so well and I am convinced that it is because I read so much.

    Some of the most successful people in the world take time off to read, there must be something to it!

    • Hi Kit,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to READ my post. LOL! But seriously I 100% agree with you that the most famous people in the world read can’t be wrong.

      Reading a lot myself as a kid, was so huge in my life, that I hope that people realize the importance of it.  Let’s spread the word and challenge people to pick up a book or Kindle. HAHA!

      Thanks again.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this educational post about the importance of reading. You absolutely right that as we age, especially in this new world, we tend to let go of our intentional reading skills which will explain why so many struggle or hate to write, an important benefit of reading.

    I used to love reading, but narrowed my reading choice to only books, articles, etc in medicine, which unfortunately has impaired my ability to communicate fluently in nonmedical issues and my writing skills.
    I will start reading more varieties to improve my creative imagination and vocabulatory.


    Great post.

    • Hi Benson,
      What wonderful comments, thank you so much. It is funny, that almost everyone that I talk to about reading has agreed that somehow we seem to stop reading as we get older. Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts on reading.

      I loved reading and am not sure why I don’t do it as frequently as I used to.

      Much like listening to music reading always makes me feel better. I am with you, I am going to start reading more.
      Thank you

  3. Hi Cory,

    People used to call me a book worm when I was growing up! As a teenager I used to visit library every weekend religiously. But then, life priorities took over. However ‘that reader’ is still within me. You’ve listed some beautiful book here. I shall have a look at them.

    Thank you


    • Hi Habib,
      Very well put. Life seems to pull us from reading, just simply because it is so fast paced. I think the slower life when we were younger gave us more opportunity to read. I myself am committing to get back to reading more. I miss it and with what is going on in the world we could also use a bit of an escape.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts on reading. Take care.

    • HI Christy,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I am so glad that you enjoy Audiobooks, I know that they are super popular and a great way to still read books. I may have to try it. Thanks Cory

  4. Hello Cory,
    Reading has always been one of my favorite things to and I still enjoy it. It is probably one of my favorite pastimes. You are spot on with all of your points. I had writers block last weekend, I read a little bit and came up with 3 different posts for my website with over 2500 words combined.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Chuck,
      Great to hear that you found that some reading could get those creative juices flowing. I do get that same issue at times. I think that is just natural for writers.
      I love when you least expect it and you come up with multiple post ideas. It makes it so much easier. I get on a roll then and writing is fun again. LOL!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on reading and the importance of it for everyone.

  5. Hi Cory, thanks a lot for your post. I definitely agree that reading is super important, in fact a lot of successful people are successful because they read a LOT of books. When I was a teenager, I used to think I didn’t like to read – until I read “Flowers for Algernon” hah! I realized that actually I loved reading – but I guess I was not reading the books I liked.

    Reading is also kind of like a meditation to me, because it makes me focus. A lot of times I need to read the same page twice…because my mind wanders off.

    Great website by the way 🙂

    • Hi Fernada,
      Reading is a great way to escape and get away in our minds. I find it super relaxing as well. Reading the right books, is the only way that anyone will continue to read outside of school. Unfortunately they make us read books we don’t like and it can turn people off reading all together.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on reading and it’s importance.

  6. Reading is so important. I don’t tend to read many books anymore but read a lot of online content every day. Do you think this has the same positive impacts?

    • Hi Catherine,
      To answer your question, about online reading, my answer would be yes. I do think that reading online is still reading. Stories can be told in many ways and with technology that looks different than it used to.
      I say whatever way you want to keep reading is a perfect idea. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my post, I am glad that you found it interesting.
      Take care,

  7. Hi. I share wholeheartedly your passion for reading. I also am unable to resist the constant urge to buy books. The shelves and piles all over our house and in the basement and the shelves and boxes in the garage bear witness to this.

    I think there is an important point that you missed. Reading good books is one of the best ways to acquire a large vocabulary. There have been some famous studies done on people with large vocabularies.

    While it is in no way a guarantee for success in any random field it has often been found that people who do rise to the tops of their professions and fields while being very different and unique individuals, nearly always have very large vocabularies. I guess if you think about it this makes sense. To be a leader in the corporate world whether the private or public sector you need to lead and manage large numbers of people and you do that by communicating with them. Having a large vocabulary at your fingertips means you can chose the most appropriate words to fit the occasion and the audience.
    Happy Days! Kind regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,
      Yes a good vocabulary certainly does come from reading a lot. The words in books often challenge us to learn and understand words we may not have seen before. What a great addition to my post.
      I think being a good reader and writer can lead to being successful in life.
      I loved hearing your feedback on my post and your thoughts were perfect.
      Thank you

      • Thanks Cory. After writing it I found better words to say the main point:
        People will only follow a leader who inspires confidence and conveys mastery. Mastery of a large vocabulary is in itself a demonstration of leadership competence and inspires people to follow. It isn’t a question of speaking down to people as nobody appreciates that but they invariably want to have confidence that their leaders have the necessary competencies and are in their positions for the right reasons. Sorry I wasn’t intending to get all preachy.
        Best regards

        • Hello Andy,
          Well said and no I didn’t find that to preachy. Hearing someone that speaks well, definitely exudes confidence and people tend to listen.
          Thanks again and take care.

  8. Hi Cory. I love reading. I hardly watch tv. I love my kindle. I would read every day. I agree it is great for the brain, makes you a better writer and conversationalist. It leaves me relaxed and in a good frame of mind. And I am almost rude if I find a book I love. I am finding the older I get the more I enjoy reading. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Stephen,
      That is wonderful that you find such joy reading. Sounds like you have a passion for it and that is amazing. Reading is so good for the soul and a great way to take a break from our own lives. Thank you for sharing you own personal love of writing and your thoughts on my post.


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